7 Event Registration Plugins to Sell Tickets With Your WooCommerce Website

Published 2019-10-14T06:00:26 by Bryan Miller

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that’s designed specifically to help businesses sell products online. As one of the more popular eCommerce plugins around, WooCommerce is the ideal system to use if you want to sell products or services directly from your website.

In fact, the WooCommerce platform has been downloaded more than 76 million times. While WooCommerce provides online businesses with a myriad of fantastic features that allow for complete storefront customization, likely the best aspect of using this plugin is that it’s wholly compatible with WordPress.

This plugin is entirely free and can be integrated into your site in the same way that you download and install any other WordPress plugin. When you begin to use WooCommerce for your online storefront needs, you’ll notice that the features available to you are practically endless. For one, you can sell anything, which includes all kinds of physical products as well as digital downloads. Some additional features that will help you create a robust storefront include hundreds of extensions, thousands of themes from WordPress and beyond, built-in blogging, and the ability to list an unlimited number of products.

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Whether you wish to sell subscriptions on your website or want to place an expansive inventory of items online, WooCommerce will provide for all of your storefront needs. If you hold regular events for your company, this storefront can even be used to sell online tickets for the event, which can be integrated with the event calendar on your website.

When you want to sell tickets on your WooCommerce website, there are numerous event registration plugins that you can install that will allow you to sell tickets with ease. The following offers a close look at seven of the best event registration plugins that you can use to sell tickets.

1. Tickets for WooCommerce

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Tickets for WooCommerce is a a highly popular event registration plugin that allows website owners to control every aspect of ticket sales without needing to use a third-party website or pay any ticket fees. This is among the top event registration plugins because it provides premium features that add to the ones already available through the free Event Tickets plugin. Along with the base features of being able to sell tickets on your site without any third-party fees, some of the best extension features available with this plugin include full integration with Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro plugins, the ability to add tickets to any pages or posts on your website, compatibility with multiple sites, and QR codes for quick attendee check-in.

Since this is a premium event registration plugin, the costs for this plugin range from $89-$299. The higher licensing options allow you to use the plugin on up to 10 sites. Once you’ve purchased this plugin, all you need to do to get it working is to purchase the product, download the standard .zip file, upload the file in the “Plugins” section of your WordPress Admin page, and activate the plugin. This plugin helps you build your business because it allows you to sell tickets to any event you advertise on your own website.

Download Tickets for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

2. WooCommerce Box Office

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WooCommerce Box Office is a simple yet effective event registration plugin that offers a complete ticketing solution. With this plugin, you can manage the tickets that you sell for as many events as you would like to place on your website. This plugin also provides site owners with the ability to collect information on each ticket-holder, which makes event management much easier. The tickets that you generate can include specific information of the ticket holder as well.

While this plugin doesn’t help you sell the initial tickets, it will make it easier to manage the tickets that you do sell. For instance, you can send bulk emails to anyone who has purchased a ticket to remind them of the impending event date. When you want to download and install this plugin, make sure that you add it to your existing plugins on your WordPress Admin page. From here, you can create tickets for an event by editing a current product in WooCommerce or by creating a new product. Once the ticket has been created, you can sell it like any other product on your website before managing it with the WooCommerce Box Office plugin.

Download WooCommerce Box Office WordPress Plugin

3. WooCommerce Bookings

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WooCommerce Bookings is a comprehensive event registration plugin that focuses primarily on booking rentals, appointments, or reservations, which makes this the ideal plugin for everything from hotels to car rental services. With this plugin, you can set any parameters that apply to the event in question. If you need to implement fixed time slots for a guided tour or appointment, doing so is made easy with WooCommerce Bookings. If you’re selecting this plugin for a hotel or similar business, the plugin also allows customers to book a hotel room or car service across a range of dates.

Among the best features of this plugin is the ability to offer special pricing for weekends, younger children, or for people who purchase multiple tickets. With full customization options, you’ll have complete control over how your tickets are sold and managed, which should help you provide your customers with what they need when booking a hotel room or guided tour. You need to purchase a yearly subscription to this plugin, which is priced at $250 for a single site or $300 for five sites. You could also use this plugin on 25 sites for $449. Once you’ve purchased the plugin, it can be downloaded and installed on WordPress like any other plugin.

Download WooCommerce Bookings WordPress Plugin

4. Eventbrite

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Eventbrite is an event management website that can be integrated into your WordPress (or any for that matter) website via a javascript embed code. This is among the more popular ticketing plugins on WordPress, which means that it will help you gain visibility to the event that you’re promoting. Among the most beneficial features of Eventbrite is that it’s completely free to use for any free events that you host. Once you’ve generated an event through Eventbrite, it will be listed on their website, which means that tickets can be sold through the plugin on your website or directly on Eventbrite.

Once the tickets have been made, everything else is handled by Eventbrite. They will take care of email reminders, the creation of QR codes, ticket sales, and the shopping cart. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create an Eventbrite account to access this plugin. The three packages that they offer start at $89. These packages include an essential package, a professional package, and a premium package. If you purchase the essential package, it’s important to note that ticket sales aren’t allowed on your own site and only occur via Eventbrite and their partner sites. This event registration option is among the best since your events will be promoted and advertised outside of your own website.

5. FooEvents


FooEvents is a fantastic event registration plugin that provides you with the ability to control ticket creation, ticket sales, and ticket management. This plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce through your WordPress site and will allow you to instantly sell any type of ticket the moment that you install it. The primary extension features that are offered with FooEvents include branded HTML tickets, ticket inventory management, and free ticket themes. You can also choose to download their free mobile app for Android or iOS if you want to manage the tickets that you sell from your smartphone.

They offer three basic licenses, which include the Starter Bundle, Pro Bundle, and Full House Bundle. These packages start at $99 for one site but can be obtained for unlimited domains. The extra features and benefits of a Full House Bundle include PDF tickets and express check-in functionality. As long as you have both WooCommerce and WordPress installed, this plugin is easy to set up and can be activated once it’s been uploaded to your WordPress admin area.

Download FooEvents WordPress Plugin

6. Event Tickets Plus


Event Tickets Plus is an event registration plugin that offers a suite of services via an events calendar that can be fully customized to your specifications. You can add an unlimited number of tickets to an event and can choose to sell these tickets solely from your own website. Every ticket that you sell can have its own SKU, timeframe, price, and stock.

Once a user purchases a ticket, it will be instantly emailed to them. You’ll be able to view the list of attendees through your WordPress admin page. Pricing for this premium plugin starts at $90 and increases depending on the number of sites you use it for. Overall, this plugin will help streamline the ticket sale and management process. If site visitors are provided with an easy way to purchase tickets directly from your website, you should be able to obtain a higher attendance rate.

Download Events Tickets Plus WordPress Plugin

7. Tickera

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Tickera is among the most feature-intensive event registration plugins on this list, which is why it costs at least $50 per year alongside a one-time fee of $70. This plugin can be supported on many different types of eCommerce sites, which include WooCommerce websites. When you install this plugin on your WordPress site, the tickets that you sell will include QR codes that you can scan when the attendees are checking in.

Any payment option that’s accepted with WooCommerce is also accommodated by Tickera. A fantastic feature of Tickera is that customers can select their own seats if your event allows for this. If you choose one of their higher pricing packages, you’ll be provided with more than two dozen professional add-ons that will make it even easier for you to sell and manage tickets. If your business hosts events throughout the year, this plugin will provide you with everything you need to sell and manage tickets with a single plugin.

Download Tickera WordPress Plugin

Maximize Sales With The Best WooCommerce Website Registration Plugins

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When you’re trying to get people to attend and RSVP for an event that you’re hosting, you’ll likely find that it’s difficult to get quick responses and high numbers of attendees. The best way to take care of this process is to fully automate it. By integrating the right event registration plugin into your website, you’ll provide site users and customers with a place where they can go to sign up for the event at their convenience.

If you’ve selected the right plugin, these individuals will also receive regular reminders about the event. By providing your customers with an easy method of signing up for an event and purchasing tickets, you’ll be able to maximize sales. Event registration plugins typically allow you to sell tickets on your website via an events calendar, which allows you to control every aspect of the event.

When searching for the best event registration plugin for your business, any of the aforementioned plugins will serve you well. Since feature-sets can differ, it’s recommended that you compare the features of each plugin to ascertain which option is best for you. Placing an event registration plugin onto your website is just one way in which you can customize your WordPress/WooCommerce website. All of these customizations will boost your site’s traffic and customer conversion rates, which ensures that you have continued success.

If you ever need help with site customization, Bryt Designs offers extensive web design and development solutions that will assist you in creating the perfect online storefront.

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