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What Does a Content Marketing Agency Do?

Published 2020-08-17T06:53:03 by Bryan Miller

When you’re managing and growing a business, content marketing is a critical digital marketing technique that involves creating and eventually distributing written content, imagery, and videos. Creating content is a full-time job, which is why it’s highly recommended that you opt for a content marketing agency to provide you with assistance in your content marketing strategy. Content marketing agencies specialize in the creation and full distribution of content for your website, business, or brand.

The content marketing agency that you partner with can provide you with extensive marketing services to aid your business goals. These agencies typically have a staff that consists of many different professionals. If you want to make sure that the content that you distribute is relevant to the interests of your core audience, a content marketing agency can provide you with consistent content that meets your exact needs.

If you’re thinking about hiring one of these agencies, this article offers a comprehensive guide to what content marketing agencies can do for you.

Effectiveness of Having a Content Marketing Agency

To determine if hiring a content marketing agency is right for you and your company, it’s recommended that you perform a cost-benefit analysis, which measures the overall benefits that you receive from a content marketing agency by subtracting the costs that occur when this decision is made. When comparing content marketing to paid search marketing, a recent Kapost study found that content marketing comes with reduced up-front costs as well as better long-term benefits. In fact, content marketing obtains three times as many leads for every dollar that you spend. You can expect to pay around 60 percent less for content marketing when compared to paid search.

Keep in mind that internet users see around 5,000 ads every day, which is a copious amount that causes a significant percentage of internet users to install an ad blocker. To mitigate this issue and lessen the frustration that your prospective customers experience, you should focus on content marketing through a reputable agency. If you are currently managing a small business, it’s been found that small businesses that have blogs on their websites obtain lead growth that’s 126 percent higher than small businesses that don’t run a blog.

Content marketing has also allowed for six times more conversion rates when compared to traditional forms of marketing, which is why your website likely can’t afford to avoid this form of marketing. Content marketing agencies are able to provide their clients with many different services that can help with business growth. These services include devising content marketing strategies, generating leads, bolstering brand awareness, and streamlining workflows pertaining to your content.

What Does a Content Marketing Agency Do?

Content marketing agencies are designed to provide for all of your content marketing needs, which means that they typically consist of many different positions that could prove useful when you’re attempting to increase the popularity of your brand. The majority of content marketing agencies are comprised of IT professionals, salespeople, graphic designers, account managers, content writers, content strategists, content marketers, illustrators, project managers, consultants, and editors.

A content marketing agency differs from social media marketing agencies in that they offer a much broader scope of services. When you hire a content marketing agency, they should be able to handle content creation across numerous services. For instance, these agencies can create email marketing campaigns, social media content, and search engine optimization for the content on your website. Nearly all of the content that your business or brand creates can be handled by a content marketing agency. The various types of services that they can provide to you include creating a digital experience, managing content, building a compelling strategy, and increasing your brand awareness.

Manage Content

The main service that’s provided by a content marketing agency is managing content, which means that the agency you hire can provide your company with content creation or promotion, both of which are essential towards satisfying current customers and bringing in new ones. Whether the content is placed on your social media accounts or in a blog on your website, this content can be created by a content marketing agency, which gives you time to focus on other aspects of running a business.

These agencies can also create procedures and deadlines that can help streamline content creation and make sure that this content is distributed across all channels on a regular basis. They may also implement marketing automation software to take care of some of the more menial tasks that should be performed with any marketing campaign. The agency you hire should be able to streamline your content workflows, which will lower marketing costs and reduce the amount of time that must be spent on content creation and promotion.

Increase Brand Awareness

The content marketing agency you hire will also be able to focus on increasing your brand awareness, which is essential if you want to grow and expand your customer base. Building a brand takes a significant amount of time, which is why it’s better to let a content marketing agency handle this process for you. These agencies understand what it takes to bolster brand awareness and should be able to avoid the types of mistakes that you could make if you attempted to build a brand on your own.

When performed correctly, branded content can convey your company’s culture, identity, mission, and reputation. Whether you want to establish your brand or expand it, the creation of strong and relevant content will invariably show customers more about who you are and what your business represents. Without strong content, it may prove difficult for you to stand out when compared to other businesses.

Digital Experience

The vast majority of content marketing agencies have extensive digital experience, which can prove beneficial when attempting to grow your online presence without experiencing too many problems along the way. Many content marketing agencies began on the internet, which has allowed them to better understand search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design fundamentals, and other elements of digital marketing.

Keep in mind that the digital marketing landscape is decidedly different than the traditional marketing one. For instance, consumers who use the internet will invariably want to read different content that can only be relayed online. The digital experience that content marketing agencies have should allow them to create marketing strategies for your business that take advantage of the online landscape.

Create a Compelling Strategy

There’s almost nothing more important for the growth of a business than to build a compelling strategy for the marketing that they create and distribute. Creating a content strategy can be very difficult and time-consuming if you’ve never completed this process before. If your business is small and doesn’t consist of an extensive in-house marketing team, you can save both time and money by hiring a content marketing strategy to create a compelling content strategy for you.

Once you hire the right agency, they will work with you to build an effective and long-lasting strategy that can also accommodate new goals along the way. When devising a strategy, the agency will ask you about your business goals, work with you to allocate the right amount of resources to this strategy, create yearly plans, and measure the performance of the content strategy. By devising a strategy, the content that’s created for your business or brand should be effective at getting you new leads and helping you convert these leads into customers.

What to Look for in a Content Marketing Agency?

Content marketing agencies are able to provide practically any marketing services that a business would require. By hiring this agency, you will be able to free your employees from the burden of handling some of these marketing tasks. If the agency you hire is able to create effective content and distribute it across all platforms, your business should benefit from better marketing and an increased brand awareness, both of which should help you acquire new customers and retain your current ones. These agencies can also personalize their services so that they are tailored to the exact needs of your business. Make sure that the team that handles your content marketing maintains consistency with personnel, which should ensure that your content marketing has the same level of quality at all times.

It’s also important that you hire an agency that has built up an extensive amount of experience in the marketing industry. If they are familiar with the industry, they should be able to adapt to industry trends and distribute content in an effective manner. Make sure that the agency can tell you which aspect of content marketing each team member is responsible for. With this information in hand, you can keep track of the team’s performance.

The right content marketing agency should guide your business to the best type of content, the proper distribution channels, and the target demographic that matches your company. Make sure that you partner with a content marketing agency that communicates clearly and is available whenever you need to talk with them. Along with providing you with prompt responses via phone and email, the content marketing agency you choose should also be willing to meet with you on a relatively consistent basis. Before you make the hire, you need to be confident that the agency’s process for content marketing will lead to progress and growth for your business.

Content marketing agencies can be beneficial for nearly any business. Unless you have the resources needed for an in-house marketing team, a content marketing agency will be able to assist you with increasing brand awareness, managing the creation and distribution of content, and creating a compelling strategy for your content. It’s important to understand that content creation must occur on a continual basis, which is why it’s recommended that you hire a content marketing agency instead of spending all of your time managing this singular aspect of your company. Once you have hired the right content marketing agency for the job, you should begin to see results in just a short period of time.

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