Google Developer Console and its Role in Web & App Development

Published 2020-12-14T06:00:02 by Bryan Miller

When you want to create an application that will be able to launch on the Google Play store, you will be required to create a Google developer console account. A Google developer console provides app creators with a centralized location where they can submit and control their apps. There are many benefits that come with using the Google developer console, one of which is that in-depth tutorials are offered that can help you learn how to effectively distribute the android apps that you’ve created.

You can also charge for app downloads from the Google developer console and track the performance of the app that you’ve created. Google provides detailed reviews, statistics, and reports that allow you to gain a better understanding of how your application or website is performing. The Google Play store currently has over three million apps that users can download as well as two billion accounts from users with Android devices.

Using the Google developer console will also give you access to the Google Play developer API. This application programming interface gives you the ability to perform various app management and publishing tasks. For instance, the basic publishing API makes it easy to upload and eventually publish your apps. This article provides a more comprehensive overview of the Google developer console and how it relates to website and application development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google developer console provides app creators with a centralized location to maintain and create their app.
  • There are numerous tools for web developers we discuss below.
  • Benefits of GDC for app developers include: enhancing branding options, measuring success and performance, constant support, access to the google playbook tool, and more!

Tools For Web Developers

There is a range of GDC tools that are primarily designed to be used by web developers, which include everything from Lighthouse to Workbox. Knowing what these tools do and how they can benefit you as a developer is key towards ensuring that you’re able to get the most out of a website or application that you’re developing.

Chrome DevTools

chrome dev tools

These are some premium debugging and web authoring tools that are built directly into Google Chrome. You can use Chrome DevTools to iterate, profile, and debug your website. Check out Chrome DevTools here!



This is an automated and open-source tool that’s aimed at bolstering the quality of the web applications that you design. Lighthouse can be located directly within the basic Chrome DevTools audit panel. You can choose to run this program with the Chrome extension or by running it from the command line. Check out Lighthouse here!



This is a kind of Node library that offers an API that will allow you to control headless Chrome with the DevTools Protocol. This specific tool can be configured differently to effectively control Chromium and full Chrome as well, which makes it highly versatile for any developer who wishes to engage in app development. Check out Puppeteer here!



This specific program offers service worker tools and libraries that allow for the simple creation of an offline PWA. As a developer, you can also gain access to service worker APIs. Check out Workbox here!


angularjs by google

This is a comprehensive development platform that allows you to create applications on desktop devices, mobile devices, and the internet. The tool comes with many benefits that extend to support for every facet of the development process, declarative templates, and many reusable components. Writing, testing, and eventually deploying powerful applications is possible with Angular. Check out Angular here!



Polymer is a high-end tool available through the Google Developer Console that will allow you to provide fantastic user experiences. For instance, this tool can make it easier for you to use the Web Components functionality, which can extend the HTML throughout your website. As a developer, you will also benefit from being able to create progressive web applications that are able to respond immediately, work on all devices, and load quickly. Check out Polymer here!

PageSpeed Module

pagespeed module

These are open-source modules that can immediately optimize your website for better load times, which is essential if you want to provide site visitors with a pleasant user experience. Check out PageSpeed here!

Benefits of GDC for App Developers

GDC is highly beneficial for app developers for a number of reasons. It’s important to use GDC when building apps directly on the Google Play app store because GDC is required and will help to streamline the development process. Google is also a great platform to use when you’re marketing your services or products, which is why being able to perform marketing and site development with the same tools can be very helpful. Keep in mind that the registration fee for a GDC account is only $25. The numerous benefits that are provided to developers who use GDC for app development include:

  • Can learn what it takes to distribute your apps – When you own a Google developer console account, you will be given access to extensive tutorials that will help you learn how to properly distribute the apps that you develop
  • Enhanced branding options – When you have developed an app for the Google Play storefront, your name will be used on the public listing for the app, which helps to increase brand visibility
  • Can charge for downloads – In the event that you want to charge for the application that you’ve developed, the only method you can use to charge for downloads is to have a Google developer console account
  • Can measure success and performance of app – With your android device, you can track the performance of your application and access detailed statistics, reviews, and reports pertaining to your app.
  • Can look at detailed revenue data – The Google developer console makes it easy for app developers to look at detailed revenue data that can be invaluable when attempting to gauge the success of an app
  • Support that’s always available – You’ll have access to the forum provided with Google Play, which gives you 24/7 support for any problems you encounter
  • Gives you access to the Google Playbook tool – The Google Playbook tool allows developers to remain up-to-date with strategies, features, and best practices for app development, which can be helpful during the development process.

Statistics and Data

The Google developer console provides developers with an ample amount of statistics and data that can be used to determine how well their apps are performing. This data is similar to the kind that’s provided to site owners with Google Analytics. The two types of reports that are given to developers who use the GDC tool include detailed reports and aggregated reports.

With detailed reports, you’ll be able to look at reviews of the app as well as financial data that can help you identify the financial viability of the application. The financial data includes estimated earnings and sales. As for the aggregated reports that you can download, these reports include statistics of ratings, subscriptions, crashes, and installs, which are essential to adapt to the user experience. User acquisition data is also provided with the aggregated reports, which include statistics like buyers, subscribers, and the number of installers who are retained.

All of this data is very important to app developers who want to remain agile and adaptive to development. The majority of applications don’t stop development once they have been launched. If you want your customer base to be satisfied, it’s important that you take the data and analytics that are given to you and make changes and improvements based on the conclusions that you take from this data.

How to Set Up Your Google Developer Console Account

When you want to set up a Google developer console account, the process is relatively simple and straightforward. Keep in mind that this account is wholly necessary if you want to be able to charge for the apps you create and distribute. The first step of this process involves registering and signing up. Make sure that you create your Google account with an email that’s tied directly to your business. You’ll want the account to be one that can be accessed by many people within your business.

Once you have created a simple Google account, you should then send in an application for a Google Play developer console account. After signing in with your Google account, you’ll need to read and eventually agree to the distribution agreement for developers. Click the “continue to payment” button afterward. When you arrive at the payment screen, you will be tasked with making a single payment of $25 with a credit card, which allows you to open the account.

When payment has been made, you can fill in some final details pertaining to your company, which include the company name, website, email address, and phone number. The registration will then go through the verification process, which can take anywhere from half an hour to 48 hours. When you have entered the actual account, you should enter your current address on the settings page. If you are obtaining assistance in the creation and distribution of your app with commerce solutions like Shopgate or want to use the numerous tools of GDC, it’s important that you’re able to access your API credentials.

You can start to access these credentials by going to settings and API access. From here, select the “create new project” button, which will open up an API access page. You can then click on the “create service account” button, after which another page will open with the Google API console. Selecting this option will allow you to finally create a service account. To do so, enter your service account name. Change the role of the account to “owner” before you check the “furnish a private key” box. Choose JSON for the key type. Once this information has been entered, you can create the account and grant access to the service account.

The Google developer console plays a substantial role in the process of web and app development for any developer who wants to place apps on the Google Play store and use the many fantastic Google tools. From this account, you will have complete control over how your app is priced and what types of changes will be made to the app as you gain customer feedback.

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