The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Ad Extensions

Published 2023-01-23T06:00:13 by Bryan Miller

When you want to gain more visibility for your website and brand, you can do so with ad extensions, which allow you to place extra information in ads and provide users with the ability to perform an action from Google search results. Extensions are able to make your ads much more prominent, which increases the likelihood that they will receive additional clicks and gain valuable interactions.

Google Search ad extensions matter because they increase engagement and influence the quality of your ads. There are many different add-on features that can be placed in your ads with extensions, which include everything from dynamic sitelinks to information about previous visits.

Most standard text ads come with a short description, a headline, and your website’s URL. When you use extensions, you can input more valuable information and create more effective calls-to-action that could help you obtain a better ROI for your advertising spend. Most of these extensions are automated, which reduces the amount of work you need to do. The following guide offers a detailed explanation of everything you should know about Google Search ad extensions.

What are Google Search Ad Extensions?

Extensions are designed to extend the ads you develop to market your business or brand. These extensions allow you to claim additional real estate on Google results pages, which simplifies the decision-making process for users when they’re thinking about visiting your website or clicking on your ad.

How Do Search Ad Extensions Work?

You might believe that automated extension will be displayed whenever your ads are triggered by users. However, this isn’t the case. Google takes a more dynamic approach to deciding when to display ad extensions. If your ad is triggered by a search query, Google Ads takes numerous factors into account pertaining to the keyword intent and the user who entered the search phrase.

Once this information is gathered, Google predicts if the extension will enhance the ad’s performance. If Google believes that performance will be improved, the extension is created instantly before being displayed alongside your ad. Automated extensions are enabled by default with Google, which means that you’ll need to disable them if you don’t want them to be displayed with your ads.

Benefits of Ad Extensions

There are numerous benefits associated with using the ad extensions feature with your Google Ads campaigns, which include:

  • Enhanced ad copy
  • Better quality score
  • Better visibility
  • Improved ad rank
  • High click-through rate
  • More incentive for users to select your ad
  • Higher return on investment

Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Search ad extensions are more viable than other forms of add-ons for dynamic search ads. For instance, you’ll receive a normal charge whenever someone clicks on an ad that contains an extension. In the event that you place a call button within an automated extension, you’re charged when an individual clicks on the ad. However, you aren’t charged for impressions with the automated ad extension.

These search ad extensions give you the opportunity to develop stronger and more robust ads to increase the likelihood that you bring in new customers. The main reason that Google Ads provides this feature in the first place is to help people improve their ad performance. While most extensions work with every type of ad, some of them can only be displayed on laptops and desktops.

Types of Automated Ad Extensions

Now that you have a better understanding of what automated ad extensions are, you should learn more about the many different types of extensions at your disposal.

Call Extensions

In the event that your website contains a business phone number for customers to call, it’s possible for Google Ads to generate extensions that allow your phone number to be displayed whenever your ad receives an impression on smartphones and other mobile devices. Users can then click the extension to make a call to your business.

call ads

Dynamic Sitelink Extensions

These extensions are similar to manual ones but can be positioned at the lowermost portion of the text ad to direct people to a specific area of your website. This extension focuses on popular links or pages on your website that might be related to the search query the user inputs. This type of extension can enhance user experience and bolster navigation.

sitelink ads

Dynamic Structured Snippet Extensions

When Google analyzes the page content on your website, it will display extra site details alongside your ad. This information is displayed via snippet form, which can significantly improve ad performance.

Dynamic Callouts

While this extension is similar to a snippet, it can’t be clicked, which means that there’s no additional cost for placing these callouts in your ads. Let’s say that you list some of your marketing services on your site’s homepage. If a user inputs a search query that relates to the services you offer, Google will auto-populate the search results with these services.

callout ads

Location Extensions

This type of automated extension makes it easier for people to find the location of your business through your ad. The extension will provide users with your business address, the distance to your location, and a map. The extension can then be clicked by users who want to obtain more details from your website. It’s also possible for this type of extension to be equipped with a call button.

App Extensions

This is a simple and straightforward extension that encourages users to download your company’s app. It’s only shown on mobile devices, which allows users to easily click the link to download the app. This type of extension charges with each click.

app ads

Message Extensions

A message extension allows users to contact businesses through text messages. If you place details on your website that indicate your goal of receiving business through text messages, Google Ads will automatically trigger these message extensions to mobile users.

Seller Ratings Extensions

Google Ads also has an extension that allows you to leverage positive reviews for your services or products, which can provide your ad with an advantage over the competition. When users see that your products or services have received high ratings from customers, they’ll immediately know the value of what you offer. This type of ad is effective at increasing click-through rate (CTR).

Previous Visits Extensions

When this extension is placed in an ad, it provides users with information on the previous interactions they had with your site, which could be anything from the last time that they visited your website to the number of times they’ve entered your site. This information allows returning customers to quickly navigate to your website.

Product Extensions

When you link your Google Merchant account directly with Google Ads, the product extension gives you the ability to bolster your product listings. If you’re selling items that are related to the target keywords, product extensions can provide a considerable amount of value.

Since products are much more specific when compared to your company’s phone number or location, your ad campaigns should be more granular. This approach may help you sell a wide variety of different products.

Structured Snippets Extensions

Structured snippets are highly effective when you want to focus on specific features, products, or services that you expect users to be looking for. These extensions are responsible for more than 35% of all clicks since they effectively tell users who you are and what you’re currently offering.

When these extensions are displayed, you should receive high-quality clicks, which can help you extend your budget even further. Along with the dynamic and automated sitelinks mentioned previously, you can input sitelinks manually.

structured ads

Price Extensions

Price is an important aspect in nearly every buying decision a user makes. The price extension allows you to provide users with more reasonable expectations before they look at your website or learn more about your products, which establishes a sense of transparency and allows you to build trust with users.

The users who view price extensions will then be more informed about what you offer and more likely to make a purchase by the time they reach your website. Businesses that use variable pricing, offer a wide range of products, or sell service packages will find these extensions to be advantageous.

price ads

Lead Form Extensions

This is the latest type of Google Ads extension that site owners can benefit from. These extensions get rid of the need that users have to fill out forms on your landing page. Once displayed, the extension allows users to enter their contact info on the SERP.

When a user is logged into their Google account, the necessary information should be pre-populated in the blank spaces and can be sent with just one click. These extensions are able to drive more qualified leads to your marketing funnel, which makes the sales cycle considerably shorter.

lead form ads

When you’re searching for a simple technique that will help you obtain more site visitors, convert additional users, and increase your click-through rate, ad extensions can be highly effective. With many different extensions to select from, you should be able to find at least one that fits well with the type of business you run and the industry you operate out of.

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