11 Top-rated WordPress Event Registration Plugins [2022]

Published 2022-02-14T06:00:00 by Bryan Miller

Designing and developing a website can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you don’t have the necessary tools at your disposal to streamline the process. The easiest way to design a website is to do so on a content management system, of which there are many options to select from. Content management systems are designed to give you all of the features and tools that you require to build a website that suits your brand and business.

WordPress is among the most widely used content management systems on the internet because of how simple it is for businesses and web designers to develop appealing websites. WordPress is open source, which allows everyone to collaborate and work together to continuously improve the platform. Currently, WordPress is used to power around 37% of all websites found on the internet, which shows how widespread the platform is.

WordPress is the go-to content management system because of all of the features it provides to businesses and website owners. These features make running a website much more convenient. Through the use of plugins, you can substantially expand the functionality of your website. The plugin library on WordPress consists of dozens of plugins that will allow you to list upcoming events, sell tickets to these events, share any event details, and generate event revenue. The following are 11 of the highest-rated WordPress event registration plugins available to site owners.

11. Import Eventbrite Events [6,000+ Installs, 4.4 ⭐]

Import Eventbrite Events wordpress plugin

Import Eventbrite Events is a very specific WordPress plugin that doesn’t necessarily allow you to create events on your website. Instead, you can use this plugin to better integrate the events you’ve made on Eventbrite into your WordPress website. This plugin is mainly useful if your business currently has events on Eventbrite. If you want to continue creating events on Eventbrite as opposed to your website, you can benefit from installing this plugin. You can import events with the event ID or from your Eventbrite account.

Learn more and download Import Eventbrite Events

10. Event Management Tickets Booking by Event Monster [1,000+ Installs, 4.8 ⭐]

Event Management Tickets Booking by Event Monster

Event Management Tickets Booking is a powerful event management plugin that allows users to create events, implement shortcode, manage tickets and bookings, use custom CSS, and benefit from an event countdown timer. This plugin is also fully responsive out of the box. The email template available with this plugin displays notifications, details, and booking statuses for the event in question.

Some of the many features provided by this plugin include different styles for event registration forms, the ability to share events on social media platforms, event description and title editing, and the ability to download the attendees list. The premium version of this plugin offers dozens of additional features like settings for event tickets and event galleries.

Learn more and download Event Management Tickets Booking

9. Registrations for The Events Calendar – Event Registration Plugin [10,000+ Installs, 4.9 ⭐]

Registrations for The Events Calendar

Registrations for The Events Calendar is a registration management tool that can be used for events, groups, meetups, classes, and workshops. This plugin is equipped with an email template and a customizable form. Once you install this plugin, you can begin collecting registration for any kind of event in minutes. Keep in mind, however, that The Events Calendar plugin must be installed beforehand if you want this plugin to function properly.

Many components of this plugin can be customized to suit your needs. For one, the event registration form can contain as many fields as you want it to. You can also place a limit on the total number of registrations that are accepted for each event. As with other plugins on this list, this particular plugin provides users with a premium option that includes additional features like guest registrations, customizable event reports, and offline payment management.

Learn more and download Registrations for the Events Calendar

8. Events Manager [100,000+ Installs, 4.3 ⭐]

Events Manager wordpress plugin

Events Manager is a feature-intensive event registration plugin that was designed with reliability and flexibility in mind. Full plugin documentation and tutorials can be accessed on the primary Events Manager page. Even though a premium version of this plugin is available, the free version boasts many great features, which include bookings management, recurring event registration, easy event registration, BuddyPress support, multiple tickets, widgets, and Google Maps integration.

You’ll also discover that custom event attributes can be added to each event. For instance, you can add a dress-code to the event, which will be displayed to the user before they register. Extensive data privacy features are also provided to ensure that event registration is kept private and secure. A few of the premium features you can look forward to include WooCommerce integration, coupon codes, custom booking forms, and access to numerous payment options.

Learn more and download Events Manager

7. Quick Event Manager [3,000+ Installs, 4.8 ⭐]

Quick Event Manager wordpress plugin

Quick Event Manager is a simple event creator that’s designed to provide users with the ability to make events in just a few minutes. You can use shortcode to list all of the events that you make in the Quick Event Manager plugin. Along with being able to make events from your WordPress dashboard, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Many styling and layout options
  • An event registration form
  • Google Maps integration
  • Widgets
  • Ability to download events to calendar

This particular plugin also comes with a pro version that you must pay for. The features that can only be accessed via the pro version include guest events, event import, Stripe payments, and Mailchimp integration.

Learn more and download Quick Event Manager

6. Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce [9,000+ Installs, 4.8 ⭐]

Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce

The Event Manager and Tickets Selling plugin is a comprehensive event manager suite that’s integrated with WooCommerce for payments. As such, every WooCommerce payment method is accepted in this plugin. While you can obtain free and pro versions of this tool, the free version still comes with many useful features that you can take advantage of when creating events and selling tickets. For instance, the free version will provide you with several event templates to select from. You can also manage the quality, type, and prices of the tickets that you sell.

If you’re considering the paid version of this plugin to unlock all of its features, some of the features that are only available with the paid version include downloadable PDF tickets for attendee convenience, custom registration forms, and automatic email confirmations. Numerous add-ons are available if you want to extend the functionality of this tool. The add-ons that this plugin is compatible with include the wait-list add-on and the backend order add-on.

Learn more and download the Event manager and Tickets Selling plugin

5. Events Tickets [40,000+ Installs, 3.4 ⭐]

Events Tickets wordpress plugin

Events Tickets is a streamlined registration and tickets plugin that simplifies the process of selling tickets and collecting registration for an event. Once this plugin has been installed, you can manage event attendees directly from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin can also be integrated into your business account on PayPal.

Many aspects of the Events Tickets plugin can be customized to provide the tickets and RSVP area on your website with a more distinct appearance. The additional features that site owners gain access to include a library of extensions, hooks and filters, template tags, a ticket stock countdown, and the ability to generate attendee reports.

Learn more and download Events Tickets

4. WP Event Manager – Easily Build your Calendar of Events! [10,000+ Installs, 4.7 ⭐]

WP Event Manager - Easily Build your Calendar of Events

WP Event Manager is among the most popular event calendar tools around. The focus when creating this plugin was to provide users with an event management plugin that was snappy and intuitive while also being feature-rich. You can set up virtual and in-person events with this plugin. Regardless of the WordPress theme you use with your website, WP Event Manager works with nearly every WordPress theme without requiring any settings changes or modifications.

When you install this plugin on your website, you’ll be able to give live previews of your event, use simple shortcodes to display events, edit events quickly, organize event listings on your WordPress dashboard, and provide users with extensive search and filter functionality when accessing the calendar. Search engine optimization is automatically built into the plugin code, which saves you from needing to optimize the plugin once it’s been installed on your website.

Learn more and download WP Event Manager

3. Modern Events Calendar Lite [100,000+ Installs, 4.4 ⭐]

Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar Lite is another powerful event calendar that was designed to be as user-friendly and streamlined as possible. The plugin is outfitted with an easy-to-use interface as well as comprehensive settings that allow for extensive customization. When creating an event, you have the ability to make single-day and multiple-day events.

This plugin provides users with access to more than 40 event display layouts to select from, which means that your calendar can better match your business and brand with the right layout. Some of the extra features that this plugin gives to users include a useful shortcode generator, responsive functionality, and the ability to create repeating and recurring events.

Learn more and download Modern Events Calendar Lite

2. Timely All-in-One Events Calendar [90,000+ Installs, 4.2 ⭐]

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is a visually appealing event calendar that you can place on your website. This particular plugin pairs a modern design with the latest technology to make sure that website owners have access to a feature-rich calendar tool. Once the plugin has been installed in your website, you’ll notice that it’s completely responsive for mobile devices, which means that users across all devices can access the calendar without issue.

Before installing this plugin, keep in mind that you must create a Time.ly account if you want to access all of the features. When using this calendar, it’s possible to customize the fonts, theme, colors, header, and footer of the calendar, which gives you the opportunity to match the calendar to your brand image. Additional features include color-coded events, social share buttons, the ability to duplicate events, and quick event creation.

Learn more and download Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

1. The Events Calendar [800,000+ Installs, 4.3 ⭐]

The Events Calendar wordpress plugin

The Events Calendar is the most popular events calendar on WordPress. Along with being ready to use immediately after installation, this plugin is easy to use, extensible, and customizable. The customizable features available with this plugin include template tags, template overrides, filters, a skeleton stylesheet, and over 70 extensions.

You’ll also gain access to such features as Google Calendar exporting, events taxonomies, Google Maps, event search, day view, event list view, and saved venues. Because this was essentially the first events calendar available in WordPress, it has been refined considerably over the years.

Learn more and download The Events Calendar

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