10 Top-Rated WordPress Store Locator Plugins [2022]

Published 2022-02-27T06:00:00 by Grant Walton

While online shops provide customers with convenience, require less overhead, and gain more exposure to the global market, many people still enjoy the experience that comes with shopping at a brick and mortar store. As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted all over the world, it’s likely that people will want to spend more time at physical store locations, which you should take into account when marketing your business.

A high percentage of businesses use WordPress because of the convenience it provides as a premium content management system that gives non-developers the opportunity to effectively manage various aspects of their websites. The WordPress CMS is powerful and feature-rich to provide business owners with all of the tools they need to build and grow their brands.

When you use the WordPress CMS, you’ll gain access to thousands of WordPress plugins, which allow you to add functionality to your website even if you have very little or no coding experience. These plugins give you the option to create maps and markers that indicate where your company’s physical stores are located. You can also use these plugins to include business hours and directions on your website. Below is a comprehensive list of our favorite WordPress store locator plugins.

10. Locatoraid Store Locator [4.5 ⭐️, 2,000+ Installs]

Locatoraid Store Locator

Locatoraid Store Locator is a simple-to-use plugin that has more than 2,000 active installs and is ideal for retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. Once your location has been added to the plugin, the automatic geo-coding feature will find your location and place it on the map for all of your customers to see. If you want to extend the functionality of this plugin, you can obtain the pro version, which gives you access to additional features like custom fields, bulk export and upload, custom map icons, and product categories. The top features available with the Locatoraid Store Locator include:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Custom map styles
  • Uses the REST API to simplify location modification
  • Numerous shortcode options

Learn more and download » Lactoraid Store Locator

9. Store Locator [4.9 ⭐️, 10,000+ Installs]

Store Locator

Store Locator is a feature-rich store finder plugin with over 10,000 installs that immediately gives you access to every store in the area. When using the category management feature, it’s possible to add an unlimited number of stores to the map. If you installed this plugin into your WordPress website, you’ll be given access to five premium themes to better personalize the store locator. The top features available with the Store Locator plugin include:

  • Add custom fields and markers
  • Set distance and priority stores
  • Logo selection for every store
  • Display store hours
  • Map language features
  • Click and search zoom

Learn more and download » Store Locator

8. GEO My WordPress [4.6 ⭐️, 7,000+ Installs]

GEO My WordPress

GEO My WordPress is a mapping, proximity search, and geolocation tool for WordPress that has more than 7,000 installs. This plugin accommodates OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps, which allows you to geotag all post types. Two features that may prove useful when adding functionality to your website include the advanced form builder tool and the advanced location form tool. The core features that Geo My WordPress provides include:

  • BuddyPress members locator
  • Post types locator
  • Single location shortcode and widget
  • Current location widget and shortcode
  • Mashup maps
  • Extensive theme flexibility

Learn more and download » GEO My WordPress

7. MapCraft – Google Maps Plugin [5.0 ⭐️, 100+ Installs]

MapCraft – Google Maps Plugin

MapCraft is a somewhat new Google Maps plugin that has garnered over 100 installs and has a rating of 5.0. You can use this plugin to create custom Google Maps that can be placed practically anywhere on your website. Along with editing the map itself, you can also create custom animated pins with ease. The main features at your disposal include:

  • Modern and advanced visual editor
  • CSV importing tools
  • Can draw custom shapes
  • Feature-rich store locator
  • Custom markers and map editor

Learn more and download » MapCraft

6. MapifyLite (by MapifyPro) [5.0 ⭐️, 100+ Installs]

MapifyLite (by MapifyPro)

MapifyLite is a relatively new plugin that has more than 100 active installs and currently maintains a 5.0 rating. This plugin is designed to provide WordPress users with the ability to add fully custom maps to their websites. The core features of this store locator plugin include:

  • Custom pop-up galleries and pinpoint graphics for Google Maps
  • Custom map imaging
  • Extensive gallery settings
  • Does not require Google Maps API key

Learn more and download » MapifyLite

5. Listdom – Advanced Directory and Listing Plugin [4.9 ⭐️, 1,000+ Installs]

Listdom – Advanced Directory and Listing

Listdom is a well-rated store locator plugin with more than 1,000 active installs. This tool is entirely free and provides users with 80 skins and views, all of which are mobile-friendly and responsive. Some developer tools and features are available with this plugin, which include everything from complete use of the WordPress structure to the ability to override the styles and skins in the theme that’s currently active. Some of the main features that you can enjoy with this tool include:

  • Skins like single map, carousel, masonry, and grid
  • Listing contact info
  • Location tools
  • Shortcodes generator
  • Color manager and custom styles
  • Advanced marker clustering

Learn more and download » Listdom

4. Simple Business Directory with Maps [5.0 ⭐️, 600+ Installs]

Simple Business Directory with Maps

Simple Business Directory with Maps is a highly versatile and multi-purpose listing directory with over 600 installs that gives you the opportunity to add a store locator to pages or posts on your website. This particular plugin uses Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, both of which are free in almost every situation. Longitude and latitude are automatically generated with the address auto complete feature that this plugin is outfitted with. The plugin itself is compatible with other plugins like Visual Composer and Elementor. While an advanced pro version of this plugin is available, the lite version gives you access to features like:

  • Four responsive templates
  • Unlimited business listings
  • Shortcode generator
  • Embed option for directories
  • Option to go to website or click to call

Learn more and download » Simple Business Directory with Maps

3. Simple Locator [4.8 ⭐️, 800+ Installs]

Simple Locator

Simple Locator is a straightforward store locator that has over 800 installs and is designed to be used by business owners who want to include location search for all post types. The main difference between this plugin and other store locators is that you can choose existing custom fields to use as geo-coded data sources. The primary features you’ll gain access to with this store locator include:

  • Custom Google Maps styling
  • Show a search form with a widget or shortcode
  • When you use shortcode, you’ll have more options for form and map customization
  • Ability to add locations
  • More than a dozen shortcodes to select from

Learn more and download » Simple Locator

2. WP Store Locator [4.8 ⭐️, Over 70,000 Installs]

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator is a highly popular plugin that’s garnered over 70,000 installs and has a 4.8 rating. This location management plugin allows you to customize map appearance and create custom labels that can be placed on the map. Users can also view driving directions that will take them to nearby stores. Keep in mind that there are some premium add-ons that can be purchased with this plugin, which include Statistics, Search Widget, and CSV Manager add-ons. The main features of the WP Store Locator plugin include:

  • Manage an unlimited number of stores
  • Create custom map styles
  • Provide additional details, which include URL, email address, phone number, and store hours
  • Display driving directions
  • Show search results
  • Easy enabling of shortcodes

Learn more and download » WP Store Locator

1. WP Go Maps [4.8 ⭐️, 400,000+ Installs]

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is the most popular store locator on WordPress with more than 400,000 installs. This is a simple Google Maps plugin that provides users with the ability to search for physical stores near their location. With this plugin, you can add a custom store locator or Google map to your WordPress pages or posts with some basic shortcode.

A free and pro version of this plugin are available. If you select the pro version, you gain the ability to create custom Google maps, export map markers to a CSV file, and display the visitor’s location directly on the map. This plugin is ideal for any business with a physical location. The primary features of the lite version include:

  • Select between Open Layers Maps and Google Maps
  • Doesn’t require coding skills
  • Responsive maps
  • Drag map markers to specific locations
  • Nine distinct map themes
  • Ability to create your own map theme
  • Four types of Google maps are available, which include terrain, hybrid, satellite, and roadmap

Learn more and download » WP Go Maps


Each plugin detailed in this guide allows you to add maps to your website that will allow site visitors to locate brick-and-mortar locations that your business maintains. Once you read through the plugin features, you should have all of the information you need to select the right plugin for your WordPress website.

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