Demystifying Web Development Services and What to Expect

Published 2020-05-04T06:00:04 by Bryan Miller

Creating and running a website requires a significant amount of work to get right. In order for the site to be built correctly, it needs to take modern design trends into account while also making sure that the needs of the target audience are met. Web development is any kind of work that occurs when developing a website for the intranet or the internet, the former of which is a private network used to securely share information. There are all different kinds of websites that can be created with web development, which include everything from a simple static page with basic text to a complex eCommerce store or web-based application.

Ever since the internet was commercialized, web development has grown at a rapid pace. Industry growth is primarily driven by various businesses wanting to have an online presence that they can use to bolster their offerings and make sure that their products/services are available to all customers. In today’s world, businesses that don’t have a website will find it more difficult to obtain lasting success. If you have a product or service that you provide, developing a website can help your company grow into a global business.

People hire web developers because these individuals and companies can help design a modern and aesthetically appealing website that is quick to load and provides the modern customer with what they want. If you’ve never built a website before, you may find it difficult to reduce load speeds, implement search engine optimization, or include a responsive design that accommodates mobile users, all of which are essential if you want a website to be effective at bringing in customers.

These days, it’s rare to find a company that doesn’t have a website, which is why web developers are in high demand. In fact, the web developer industry is expected to have a growth rate of 13 percent from 2018-2028, which is much faster than normal. While there are currently around 160,000 jobs in the web developer industry, this number is expected to increase to more than 180,000 by 2028. Web developers are in high demand because they are able to effectively convert concepts of a product or website into code.

The types of services that you can expect when hiring a web development company include web design for all different types of websites, complete search engine optimization, the inclusion of responsive functionality, custom web design, and maybe some marketing or logo design services. If you’re thinking about hiring a web developer to create a website or application for you, the following offers a detailed look at what you should expect when you hire a web developer.

Hiring a Web Developer or Web Development Company

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As a client, it’s very important that you sit down with any web developer you want to hire and talk about your expectations and needs when it comes to the website you would like them to design for you. During this meeting, the web developer should be communicative and responsive. If they don’t listen to your requests or are unable to answer some of the questions that you have, it’s highly recommended that you go with another developer on your list. It’s important to understand that the website that’s created for you will be the digital representation for your brand, which is why you should take the time to find a web developer you can be confident in.

Even if you are unsure of how to design a website, you can come up with this concept yourself or ask the web developer to assist you in creating the design specifications. An experienced and talented web developer will be able to turn your ideas into a workable website that matches your exact specifications. Web developers will usually create numerous concepts to make sure that they land on one that you’re wholly satisfied with.

The majority of web developers are also considered to be specialists when it comes to SEO. Search engine optimization is a beneficial technique that involves optimizing a website for search engines like Bing and Google. When correctly implemented, SEO is able to improve the ranking of a website for relevant search queries.

The reason that SEO is important for web developers to understand is because most internet users won’t go to a website past the first three results that come up after they enter their search. Effective SEO will improve your ranking, which will bring in new site visitors and increase customer conversion rates. For most web developers, SEO techniques are automatically implemented in the services that they provide.

Blog Customization and Management

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A key service that web developers provide is blog customization and management. If you want your website to be successful at bringing in new visitors and bolstering customer conversion rates, it’s highly recommended that you create a blog, which will serve to drive traffic. Each new article you write is another opportunity for users to see this content, travel to your website, and eventually take action by signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product that you offer.

Creating a blog might seem like a straightforward process. However, it’s important that the blog topics you write about are wholly relevant to the industry that you operate in. For instance, auto dealerships will usually focus on blog content that’s relevant to the interests of the core audience. This content will typically include articles about modern car features, how to drive in inclement weather, and what it takes to change a tire. Putting out relevant content should keep your customers engaged.

When a user enters a Google search for something that’s relevant to your industry, your blog article could be displayed within the search results. Make sure that you keep your blog up to date with topics and articles that your main demographic will enjoy. If there are new trends in your industry, these trends should be filtered into your content. To understand just how effective a blog can be, companies who maintain a blog receive upwards of 97 percent more links that are directed to their website. The web development company that you’re interested in hiring may offer content writing and management services.

Analytics Reporting and Competitor Research

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The only way to gauge the success of your website and marketing campaigns is by looking at analytics to assess performance. Web developers understand how to use analytics in order to determine how successful or otherwise a website is. These analytics can show you how effective your marketing is while also allowing you to identify how strong your search engine optimization has been.

As touched upon previously, website page ranking is key towards making sure that your website is visible to prospective customers. Websites that appear towards the top of search results are always going to be visited more than ones that appear lower in results. If you implement the right keywords into the written content on your website, it’s likely that your website would be at the top of search results for that specific keyword, which means that your website would be the first one seen when a user types in the keyword. Web developers know how to track and improve website page rankings.

These development companies will also typically offer competitor monitoring, which can be very beneficial at giving you an edge against the competition. First, the developer will conduct extensive research to determine what your competitor is doing successfully. After they have obtained results from their research, they will implement it into your website and blog articles to make sure that you don’t fall behind.

Ongoing Website Management Services

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A good web developer is someone who knows that there will invariably be bugs and usability issues following the launch of the website. Even if these issues are minor and easy to fix, it’s important to have a web developer by your side who can correct these issues before frustration sets in with your customers. The web developer of your choice should make sure that your website is able to run smoothly.

Once the website goes live and is taken online, you can get feedback from your clients and customers. This feedback can prove to be very useful at helping you provide site visitors with premium customer service. Once you receive feedback, you might want to get in touch with the web development company to request that they make changes. A skilled developer will be able to make the requested changes without much issue. As your company evolves and offers different services, you may want the website to adapt alongside your company, which means that additional changes could be made.

Are You Ready to Hire a Web Development Company?

The services that web development companies offer are highly varied and include everything from website design and search engine optimization to blog management and analytics reporting. The web development company that you choose should offer all of these services while also making sure that your needs are wholly met. During the initial design of your website, make sure that the developer implements complete search engine optimization and responsive functionality, the latter of which will allow your website to be readily accessed by customers who are using smartphones and tablets.

The additional services like blog management, analytics reporting, and further website management can help you grow your website once its online and live. Before you choose a specific web development company, make sure that you do your due diligence and research the companies that you’re considering. Not all companies are equal, which is why you should sit down with each developer you’re considering and look at online reviews. If you perform early research, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of being dissatisfied with the end results.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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