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Is ChatGPT Useful for Digital Marketing Agencies?

Published 2023-01-16T06:00:51 by Bryan Miller

New methods and technologies are introduced to the digital marketing industry almost constantly to provide website owners with the tools they need to improve their brand and bring in new customers. The latest technology that’s already having a notable impact throughout numerous industries is Natural Language Processing, which is a type of generative AI.

OpenAI has trained a language processing model that can interact with users in a conversational manner. Known as ChatGPT, this model is already altering how digital marketing agencies implement various techniques. The ChatGPT technology is trained on a vast set of text-based data, which extends to social media posts, articles, and books.

By looking through this data, the model can learn the structures and patterns associated with human language to provide responses that are similar to the ones humans would give. While there are some potential risks attributed to using advanced artificial intelligence, the following examines the ChatGPT software and if it can be useful for digital marketing agencies.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced natural language processing model designed to generate conversational text responses through deep learning. These responses are based on specific inputs that the model receives. While chatbots provide similar functions, they use preprogrammed responses to user queries.

In comparison, ChatGPT delivers more varied and dynamic content that allows users to obtain detailed answers to even the most challenging questions. These functions are possible because this technology is a newer variant of another AI model called Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3).

What is Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)?

GPT-3 is a type of language processing model that was made by OpenAI before ChatGPT was created. It’s able to process and produce accurate text responses that are similar to the ones humans would give. This model uses the same technology as ChatGPT. You can use it for language modeling, chatbots, and language translation.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT works in the same way as all other AI chatbots that can be found on numerous websites. When a user inputs a query into the ChatGPT model, the model will quickly respond. However, the response will be more conversational when compared to other chatbots. ChatGPT uses Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which involves AI trainers providing the software with conversations between the user and AI assistant.

These trainers then provide rewards to facilitate reinforcement learning by gathering at least two model responses, comparing these responses, and ranking the received data based on their overall quality. This entire process occurs iteratively to make sure that the model’s results are fine-tuned. Over time, the responses improve and become increasingly more precise to the user query. ChatGPT is free to use at

What is the Impact of ChatGPT in Digital Marketing?

ChatGPT is able to be used by digital marketing agencies in several ways. Once you make an account on the ChatGPT website, you can use it to:

  • Automate responses to any customer inquiries you receive
  • Create high-quality content for your social media marketing and email marketing campaigns
  • Help your customers progress through the buying process

5 Benefits to ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers many tangible benefits to the entire digital marketing industry, which include the ability to generate high-quality content and boost the quality of the customer service that’s provided to customers.

ChatGPT Can Generate Quality Content

ChatGPT is able to generate great marketing content that can be implemented in any email or social media marketing campaign. By creating personalized content to place in your digital marketing campaigns, you can provide your current and potential customers with ample value without needing to spend high amounts of time and money.

The ChatGPT tool can also help you develop marketing messages that are tailored to specific customers within your target audience. Personalizing your marketing content can substantially increase the possibility that you impact the prospect’s final purchasing decision.

While ChatGPT hasn’t been available for a lengthy amount of time, it has considerable potential to improve the quality and efficiency of your content marketing materials by allowing you to develop a large amount of content in a small amount of time. You should be able to use this technology to save resources and time that can be put towards other aspects of your business and brand.

ChatGPT Can Simplify and Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts

ChatGPT is also able to simplify and scale digital marketing efforts since detailed answers to user inquiries are provided quickly. Whether a potential customer is asking about a product you offer or wants to speak with customer service, ChatGPT can handle all of these tasks.

The ChatGPT tool can manage numerous customer interactions at the same time and will do so without delay. In comparison, standard chatbots are much more limited and can only provide users with preprogrammed answers.

You also don’t need to hire extra support staff in order to handle higher customer service workloads. By using this generative AI model, you can improve the experiences your customers have in a manner that complements the rest of your digital marketing techniques.

ChatGPT Can Dramatically Reduce Waiting Time

ChatGPT is also able to substantially reduce user waiting times. Since ChatGPT uses Natural Language Processing technology and artificial intelligence, users are provided with immediate answers to the questions they input. Even though the answers are delivered in a more detailed and conversational manner, they are still able to be generated at a quicker rate when compared to getting answers from a customer service representative through the phone.

Customers who like to chat online and don’t want to spend 30 minutes on hold will benefit from the ChatGPT model. There’s also less customer service downtime, which means that customers will be less frustrated with the service you provide. ChatGPT can be used on a 24/7 basis since it doesn’t need to take vacations or breaks.

ChatGPT Can Boost Your Customer Service Quality

ChatGPT enhances the quality and effectiveness of your customer service by providing more precise and helpful answers to customer inquiries. At the same time, your workload should be significantly reduced. Using ChatGPT with your customer service chatbots ensures that customers are given answers that don’t require additional followups.

By improving your company’s customer service quality, you should be able to address the real concerns that your customers have. ChatGPT generates conversations that unfold organically. If a customer pivots to entirely different subject matter with their questions, the ChatGPT model won’t take longer to respond. The customer service problems that can be addressed with ChatGPT include:

  • Chatbot responses that are dry, dull, or predictable
  • Determining and declining requests that are inappropriate
  • Lengthy response times
  • Inappropriate behavior by customer service agents
  • Personalized conversations
  • Unreliable or inaccessible communication channels

ChatGPT Can Help You Nurture Your Leads Successfully

Over the past decade or so, chatbots have existed as the most advanced technology that assists business owners and digital marketing agencies with nurturing their leads and guiding customers through the sales funnel. ChatGPT accomplishes the same tasks in a much more efficient way.

This model is able to remember everything that a user said earlier in the conversation and deliver corrections in their follow-up questions. This added functionality can personalize the customer experience and increase their engagement organically.

Many modern customers prefer texting as opposed to making phone calls to support staff, which means that it’s more likely that these individuals will be converted to long-term customers with a tool like ChatGPT.

Limitations of ChatGPT

While there are many ways that you can benefit from using ChatGPT for digital marketing purposes, this tool also comes with a few drawbacks that could negatively influence your digital marketing strategy. These limitations include:

  • The responses provided by ChatGPT can be highly verbose and will sometimes overuse specific phrases
  • This tool has very limited knowledge about events that have occurred following 2021
  • It’s possible for harmful or biased content to be generated by ChatGPT
  • There are times when it guesses what user intent is instead of sending follow-up questions to obtain more clarity
  • The model may sometimes provide information that’s inaccurate but sounds plausible
  • ChatGPT is highly sensitive to how a question is phrased, which could create issues with how the model responds

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. In the years to come, additional advancements with AI marketing technology should impact the industry in a positive manner. However, these technologies aren’t always perfect, which is why you should be careful to not rely on them in your digital marketing campaigns. Make sure that you enhance your entire digital marketing strategy outside of AI technology.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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