Breadcrumbs on Your Website: A Must-Have Feature for Seamless Navigation

Published 2023-04-17T06:00:13 by Bryan Miller

Have you ever felt lost while navigating a website with hundreds or thousands of pages? It’s like wandering through a thick forest without a clear path back to where you started. That’s where breadcrumbs come in.

What Are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a website navigational scheme that displays the user’s current page and the path that leads to it, just like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in a forest.

Breadcrumbs are typically placed below the main navigation bar and above the page title. They are presented in a smaller font size to differentiate them from the main navigation. Breadcrumbs provide a clear path for users and improve a website’s overall usability and user experience.

How Breadcrumbs Are Used to Navigate a Website

Breadcrumbs play a significant role in website navigation. They allow users to navigate to related pages or sections within a website, helping them avoid getting lost and frustrated. Instead of combing through the site’s main navigation, breadcrumbs enable users to quickly jump to pages closely related to the one they are currently on or return to the pages that led them there.

There are three types of navigational breadcrumbs: location-based, attribute-based, and path-based. Location-based breadcrumbs show the user’s current page and where it lives within the site’s hierarchy. Attribute-based breadcrumbs include various elements of the page, often used in search result pages with filters. Path-based breadcrumbs show the user’s location and path to get there, commonly found in e-commerce checkout processes or form-filling wizard tools.

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The Benefits of Breadcrumbs for SEO

In addition to enhancing website navigation, breadcrumbs offer search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Search engines, especially Google, appreciate breadcrumbs as they help their bots better understand a website’s structure. This improved understanding helps search engine bots scan the site, positively impacting search rankings.

Moreover, Google often displays breadcrumbs in search result listings instead of the complete URL. This visibility indicates the importance of breadcrumbs in search engine results. By utilizing navigational breadcrumbs for SEO, websites, including Shopify stores, can gain an edge over their competitors and improve their visibility online.

Breadcrumbs and Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is a crucial aspect of website design, ensuring that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and navigate a site effectively. Breadcrumbs contribute to web accessibility by helping users understand a website’s hierarchy and navigate to related parts of the site. The Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) recommend using breadcrumbs to provide users with orientation within a website.

By following WCAG guidelines, websites can make their content accessible to users relying on assistive technologies such as screen readers. Breadcrumbs enable these users to find relevant information and navigate the site more efficiently, enhancing their overall browsing experience.

The Meaning of Breadcrumbs on Shopify Websites

On Shopify, implementing breadcrumbs can enhance your website’s navigation and user experience. Shopify themes and templates often come with built-in breadcrumb functionalities or can be customized to incorporate them seamlessly into your store’s design.

Adding breadcrumbs to your Shopify website offers several advantages. It improves navigation, allowing visitors to find relevant products or categories without relying solely on the main navigation menu. Breadcrumbs also enhance the overall user experience by providing a clear path for users to follow within your store.


Best Practices for Designing Breadcrumbs on Shopify

When implementing breadcrumbs on your Shopify website, it’s crucial to follow best practices to ensure their effectiveness and usability. Here are some guidelines to consider:


Position the breadcrumbs below the main navigation bar and on top of the page title for optimal visibility and accessibility.


Differentiate the breadcrumbs from the main navigation using a smaller font size and styling that sets them apart visually.


Present the breadcrumbs in a single line from left to right, with the current page at the end and a “>” symbol separating each page. Include the full title of each page in the breadcrumbs.


Ensure that the breadcrumb navigation remains consistent throughout your website. Users should be able to rely on breadcrumbs to understand the site’s structure and navigate easily.

Mobile Responsiveness

Optimize your breadcrumbs for mobile devices to provide a seamless user experience across different screen sizes. Consider using responsive design techniques to ensure readability and usability on smaller screens.


Check your website’s accessibility to ensure the breadcrumbs are easily navigable for all users. Test them with assistive technologies like screen readers to ensure they provide clear information and orientation.

Implementing Breadcrumbs on Shopify

Now let’s explore how you can implement breadcrumbs on your Shopify website. Shopify offers several options to incorporate breadcrumbs into your store:

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Theme Customization

Many Shopify themes come with built-in breadcrumb functionality. Check your theme settings to enable and customize the breadcrumbs according to your preferences.

Theme App or Plugin

If your theme doesn’t have built-in breadcrumb support, you can explore Shopify apps or plugins that offer breadcrumb features. These tools allow you to add breadcrumbs seamlessly to your store without extensive coding.

Custom Development

For advanced customization and unique breadcrumb designs, you can hire a Shopify developer to create custom breadcrumb functionality tailored to your requirements. Remember to align the design and styling of your breadcrumbs with your store’s branding and overall theme to maintain a cohesive look and feel.

Enhancing User Experience with Breadcrumbs on Shopify

Implementing breadcrumbs on your Shopify website can significantly enhance the user experience for your customers. Here’s how breadcrumbs can benefit your Shopify store:

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Simplified Navigation

Breadcrumbs provide an additional navigation option for users, allowing them to quickly navigate back to previous pages or explore related sections without relying solely on the main menu.

Improved Findability

Breadcrumbs make it easier for visitors to find specific products or categories within your store. They can follow the breadcrumb trail to narrow their search and discover relevant items more efficiently.

Reduced Bounce Rates

By offering clear navigation paths, breadcrumbs help users stay engaged on your Shopify website. They can find their way around easily, reducing frustration and the likelihood of bouncing to search results or leaving your site.

Increased SEO Potential

As mentioned earlier, breadcrumbs contribute to better SEO by improving the structure and understandability of your website for search engine bots which can positively impact your search rankings and visibility in search engine result pages.


Breadcrumbs are crucial in website navigation, SEO, and user experience. They provide a clear path for users, help search engines understand your website’s structure, and contribute to web accessibility. For Shopify store owners, implementing breadcrumbs can greatly enhance navigation, improve findability, and bolster the user experience.

Whether through built-in theme functionality, apps/plugins, or custom development, incorporating breadcrumbs into your Shopify website is a valuable investment. By following best practices, you can ensure that your breadcrumbs are visually appealing, accessible, and consistent throughout your store.

Empower visitors and users with clear navigation paths, reduce bounce rates, and improve SEO potential by implementing breadcrumbs on your Shopify website today. Now go on and start enhancing your website’s usability and user experience with this valuable navigation feature.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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