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Transforming your Business with SEO & Marketing Services

Published August 3, 2020 by Bryan Miller

When you want to boost the number of visitors that reach your site and eventually become return customers, it’s important that you bring in organic search traffic alongside paid search traffic. Organic search traffic is considerably less expensive than paid search traffic and is typically implemented with the use of search engine optimization. This form of optimization is just one type of marketing that can help you increase site traffic and bring in new customers. Other forms of online marketing that can help your brand bolster its online presence include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising.

When you integrate these types of marketing into your marketing campaign with the help of a professional company, you should be able to better manage your business. The reputable company you hire will be able to handle all of the necessary marketing techniques while you focus on running the other facets of your business. Since they know what they’re doing, you won’t need to worry about mistakes being made, which wouldn’t be the case if you attempted to perform this marketing without professional assistance.

To understand how beneficial it can be to request the services of companies that offer SEO and marketing services, keep in mind that 70 percent of marketers believe that search engine optimization is more reliable for driving sales when compared to PPC marketing. Nearly 91 percent of companies also make sure to optimize their social media pages for search engines, which indicates that the vast majority of companies understand the importance of SEO and marketing for their website.

If you’re searching for ways to strengthen and grow your business, this article provides an extensive look at the benefits of obtaining SEO and marketing services.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process that involves taking steps to enhance the quantity and quality of the traffic that gets to your website via organic results on search engines like Google and Bing. When a user searches for a phrase or keyword related to your business, your website should have a high ranking that allows it to appear towards the top of results. If you correctly implement SEO services into your website, you should obtain high rankings for many of the phrases and words that are associated with your website and company.

When provided by the right company, SEO services will include content writing, keyword research and strategy, technical SEO, and link building, all of which are integral towards the eventual success of your SEO efforts. Once your website has been optimized for search engines, you should consider performing a website audit to determine if the optimization has provided you with the intended results.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword research and strategy is a an important element of search engine optimization that involves a specialist reviewing all of the ranked keywords for your website while also performing extra keyword research that will create an extensive list of keywords that should help with your SEO efforts. The purpose of keyword research is to identify potential keywords and phrases that should be placed into your website in order for your site to rank highly on search engines like Google.

There are numerous services that offer keyword research and strategy, the primary of which include SEMrush, Google AdWords, and WordStream. Since each tool comes with a different feature-set, it’s recommended that you compare every tool before selecting one to use with your website. Many website owners will also use tools like Google Analytics to determine if the keywords that they’ve chosen are performing well.

Content Writing

Content writing is a core aspect of search engine optimization that involves creating written content for a website or company. This written content typically comes in the form of blog posts but can also include the content that’s placed on the remaining pages of your website. Content writing is an ongoing process that needs to be performed regularly if you want to obtain the benefits that it can provide.

Many businesses will have a team of in-house writers who have the sole job of creating content that will improve search engine rankings. The goal of content writing is to make sure that the written content is outfitted with pertinent keywords and phrases, which will be pinged by Google and allow you to obtain higher rankings. Keep in mind that it’s possible to hire an outside team to provide you with content writing services, which should give you peace of mind that the content will be consistent and well-written.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a more advanced form of SEO that centers around optimizations with the back-end of the website, which can include something like improving the speed of your website to enhance the user experience. When Google looks through a website, they don’t only search for keywords that are placed in the written content on your site.

It’s important to understand that Google will look at the performance of your website, which can play a significant role in the ranking that you receive. If your website has slow load times or a poor design, Google will take note of these issues and reduce your ranking. Technical SEO aims to fix any issues with your website that could be causing users to have a bad experience, which means that your future clients and customers should be provided with a much improved experience.

Link Building

Link building is a process that involves creating backlinks that lead to your website. Backlinks are hyperlinks that are placed in the written content on another website. When these links are clicked on by customers, they will be taken to your website or a landing page that you’ve created specifically for the backlink.

This is an important element of search engine optimization that can help you improve the popularity of your website and bring in many more visitors to your website. If you’re able to obtain backlinks on popular websites, the users from these websites may venture over to yours, which heightens the possibility that you will broaden your audience. Google ranks websites well when they are paired with relevant and high-quality websites through backlinks.

The 5 Best Tips to Sell Your SEO Services

Any companies that want to branch out into providing SEO and marketing services will need to contend with a substantial amount of competition. When attempting to sell your SEO services, it’s important that you’re able to advertise the benefits that your company provides, which can be done in a number of ways. Website owners are going to be searching for SEO agencies that can provide exemplary SEO services that deliver immediate results and allow for better site management. The five best tips to sell your services include:

  • Have a strong call to action
  • Gain social exposure
  • Create a unique cold email
  • Gather engaging client testimonials
  • Have interesting case studies

1. Have a Strong Call To Action

Likely the most important component of any written content with the purpose of selling a product or service is the CTA that’s included at the conclusion of the article. Website owners must also implement strong calls-to-action throughout the entirety of their websites. These CTAs must be placed in site headers, footers, and other areas of the website.

If integrated properly with the website and the content within, a CTA should cause interested site visitors to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. When you want to sell your SEO and marketing services, it’s important that you use a strong CTA that causes individuals to go further and request more information or contact you. A simple CTA is “Click Here”. The many types of CTAs include lead generation, form submission, social sharing, and “Read More” buttons.

2. Gain Social Exposure

To improve your brand visibility, it’s important that you gain social exposure across social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. These social media platforms are used by billions of people all over the world, which is why you shouldn’t avoid performing marketing on these platforms.

Members of popular social media platforms will like posts and send them to their friends, which heightens the possibility that your advertisements will go “viral” and reach millions of potential customers. The key towards gaining consistent social exposure is to provide users with regular articles and posts that allow them to learn more about your business and the services you provide. The best platforms for marketing your services include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the latter of which is great for marketing to other businesses.

3. Create a Unique Cold Email

Cold emailing is the act of sending initial emails to people who you believe you can gain as customers. However, the majority of these individuals will send cold emails directly to their spam or trash folders. If you want to be certain that your email won’t be deleted or ignored, it’s essential that the email is unique, which means that you should personalize it if possible.

The subject line will be the first and most important element of the email that the user will see, which is why the line you use should be catchy. If you’re having difficulties, consider using a template to help you create a unique cold email. You can find some helpful templates at this link.

4. Gathering Engaging Client Testimonials

Customers almost always search for reviews and testimonials from other customers to better understand the reputation of the company in question. If you want potential clients to be more confident in the services you provide, consider gathering engaging client testimonials to place on your website or in your content.

You can gather testimonials from past clients by sending emails or contacting these clients by phone. If you send an email to your past clients, make sure that you include a link that leads to the testimonial page on your website. Consider using a site-wide page widget for your testimonials, which will allow these customer reviews to appear on every page of your site.

5. Have Interesting Case Studies

Along with client testimonials, it’s highly recommended that you include interesting case studies throughout your website. A case study is a detailed examination of some of the work that you’ve done. For website designers, case studies will include thorough looks at the websites that they’ve designed. The case studies that you can include on your website can extend to timelines, awards, and achievements for your work.

Did You Learn About the Importance of Marketing SEO Services?

If you want your website to grow and bring in customers on a regular basis, marketing and SEO services will be very important for you to obtain these goals. These services can include everything from link building to content writing. While it’s possible to perform these processes on your own, there are plenty of online tools and professional companies that can help you improve your marketing and SEO efforts. Keep in mind that nearly 68 percent of all clicks to a website occur with the first five search results on engines like Google and Bing, which is why it’s important that you rank highly.

As for marketing, the campaigns you create are essential towards providing current customers with more reasons to engage with your brand while also appealing to new customers. When you want to effectively market the services or products that you provide, make sure that you have a strong call to action, gain social exposure, create a unique cold email, gather engaging customer testimonials, and have interesting case studies.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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