The Business Owner’s Guide To Video Content Marketing

Published 2020-09-07T06:00:21 by Bryan Miller

When you’re managing a website that’s designed to represent your business, it’s important that you provide your site visitors with the content that they’re looking for. Many modern customers are searching for content that they can engage with and become immersed in, which isn’t always possible with written content. Along with the written content that you place on your website, it’s also important that you create video content that will interest your audience. Video content marketing is a kind of marketing that’s designed to promote your service or product through the creation and distribution of videos.

Along with placing these videos on your website, the video content marketing that you create can be sent through social and digital channels to reach a wide audience. With the right videos, you can bolster engagement, reach your audience via a different medium, and educate your customers about the service or product that you offer. Videos are also very important for landing pages if you want to pull visitors in and keep them on your website.

In fact, studies show that placing video on a landing page can increase customer conversion rates by more than 80 percent. Around 93 percent of all businesses have obtained new customers on their social media pages because of video content marketing. This article provides an in-depth guide on how to implement video content marketing into your advertising campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video content marketing is a highly useful marketing technique that is known for increasing engagement in your brand.
  • Having personal connection and personality in your videos are just two ways to gain new followers/clients.
  • There are many unique tips everyone should know about video content marketing to help improve conversion rates that we discuss below.

Why Does Your Business Need Video Content Marketing?

An increasing number of businesses are spending a significant sum of their marketing budget on video content marketing. This increase has occurred for many different reasons. For instance, businesses have found that video content marketing allows them to obtain more conversions, which helps to increase sales and revenue. Some of the additional reasons why your business needs video content marketing include stronger engagement, higher accessibility, an increase in personal connection, and better SEO results.

More Conversions

Video content marketing is a great way to increase your conversion rates, which is the primary reason why many businesses have started to bolster their video content marketing efforts. Conversions occur when a visitor to your website or a viewer of your ad completes a desired action. With eCommerce websites, conversions usually center around purchases.

No matter what type of website you manage, it’s important to understand that conversion rates are integral to the ongoing success of your company. If you aren’t converting leads or site visitors into customers, your business will never grow. The video marketing that you perform will help you get more eyes onto your product or service, which should allow you to increase sales and conversions. Keep in mind that making a quality video that customers will find compelling isn’t easy. If you want to increase conversions, it’s important that the marketing you perform has a premium feel to it.

Stronger Engagement

Many studies have shown that interactive content leads to strong engagement among site customers. For instance, around 60 percent of all customers find video content to be more engaging than written content. The modern customer enjoys looking at content that’s aesthetically appealing and engaging. While pictures and photographs are great at catching the customer’s attention, videos are ideal for keeping the customer engaged.

It’s also been shown that the bounce rates associated with written content are far higher than with video content. Only 59 percent of users will leave a website without taking an action after watching a video. On the other hand, nearly 87 percent of users will leave a website after looking through written content. When customers are provided with videos that they can watch and think about, they will spend more time on your site. Video content is also great for memory retention. While only 22 percent of users remember what they read when on a website, nearly 50 percent of the same users remember some or all of the video content that they watch.

Overall Better SEO Results

Search engine optimization is a key component to the success of any website. If you want your website to be visible on search engines like Bing and Google, your site will need to rank highly, which means that SEO must be implemented into the design and content of your website. Video content is known to help websites rank higher when compared to written content. Google and similar search engines prefer video content and will rank it higher than articles and other written content.

If you place video content into your website, you will have around a 50 percent higher chance to be on the initial page of search engine results, which makes it more likely that prospective customers will enter your website. Keep in mind that nearly 67 percent of all clicks on search engines occur with the first five results on the initial page, which means that a high ranking is essential if you want to continue growing your customer base.

Increase in Personal Connection

When you enter social media website like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll likely find that videos are shared much more than standard images or written posts. A top reason why this content is shared more than others is because videos are able to appeal to people on an emotional level in a way that’s difficult for other forms of content. If you create videos that appeal to your target audience, you should be able to increase the connection between your brand and the customer.

It’s very important that you express emotions within your video content marketing instead of going with formal and “distant” marketing. When you express emotions in your videos, you can evoke the emotions that the customers have, which makes it much more likely that they will continue thinking about your business and brand.

Higher Accessibility

While high-quality video production still requires some skill, it’s not nearly as challenging as it once was. In the past, only large companies had the budget necessary to engage in consistent video production. Today, advancements in tools and software pertaining to video production have made it much easier and more affordable to create videos that your audience will enjoy.

Because videos are currently easy to make, you no longer need to explain everything on your website when you want to advertise your products or software. Since video content ranks higher than written content and is more effective at engaging readers, this content can actually be cheaper to produce than text-based content. With the right tools in hand, you should be able to make videos that reach the quality your customers expect from your brand.

Tips for Effective Video Content Marketing

If you want your video content marketing to stand out when compared to the competition, there are some key tips and guidelines that you should follow. For one, it’s important that you tell a story with the videos you create. Stories help with viewer engagement by slowly reeling them in over the course of the commercial. By implementing an interesting story into your video, you’ll effectively provide viewers with an easy-to-follow through line. Try to avoid the basic company introduction, mission statement, and product feature video.

You should also think about including demonstrations in your videos that show what your products or services are like. If you have a physical product that you’re advertising, show customers the most important features. You could also display instructions on how to use the product, which can prove to be very beneficial to prospective customers. If customers have concerns about your products, demonstrations are a great way to ease their concerns.

When creating a video, try to give some background and personality that make the video more appealing. If you have a fun company culture, take the time to show your customers what this culture is like. Customers don’t want to watch boring videos that they’ve seen 1,000 times before, which is why you should focus on what sets your company apart.

It’s also very important that you include CTAs. A call to action is a button that users can interact with or a sentence that pushes these users to take an action on your website. This action could be anything from purchasing your product to signing up for a newsletter. When people view your video content, they won’t automatically take an action, which is why you should encourage them to. CTAs are fantastic for bolstering customer conversion rates.


Creating video content is great for your brand if you want to grow your company, appeal to modern audiences, and increase engagement with your brand. Videos are much more interactive and engaging than written content, which is why video content marketing is essential for any company that wants to garner long-term success. If you’re able to create videos that appeal to your target audience, you should be able to increase conversions, gain higher rankings on search engines, and gain deeper engagement from your customers. This form of marketing is also an effective way to enhance your rebranding strategy.

Consider combining your video content marketing with an SEO competitor analysis, which will allow you to determine what your competition does well with their SEO techniques. This analysis can give you a competitive edge and allow you to create content that stands out from the competition. If you’re finding it difficult to produce videos that accurately represent your brand, consider seeking assistance from a content marketing agency.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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