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Quick Tip Guide to Boosting Brand Awareness

Published 2020-04-20T13:34:54 by Bryan Miller

Businesses that are looking to establish themselves as authorities in the industry tend to focus on many different aspects. Raising brand awareness is more or less inevitable if you want to build a sustainable venture that stands out from the rest.

There are a lot of great pieces of information on the internet about how you can improve your presence and let more people know about your existence. The article, titled Brand Awareness: 6 Tips for Creating a Powerful Brand Strategy by Oberlo, is a great example.

Nevertheless, if you are eager to create an even better plan, relying on just a single article will not do. You need to look for new ideas and tips from different sources continually. And the tips below might be precisely what you were looking for.

Tip #1 – Be Transparent

According to a study by Label Insight, more than 90 percent of consumers are loyal to brands that are open about their transparency

Transparency comes in different forms, but an average customer pays the most attention to how the product is made, who are involved, whether the brand is outsourcing or not, and how the employees are treated.

Some brands claim to be eco-friendly, but there are instances when these claims are just on paper. And when someone does find out about it, well, you can expect how difficult it is to control the damage. So if you are adopting a policy, make sure to follow it. 

Tip #2 – Show Consistency

When you are a brand with a clear message, make sure that you spread the same message throughout every channel. Inconsistency does not bode well, and if your fans catch you not staying true to what you claim, do not expect to accomplish anything in terms of raising brand awareness. 

Tip #3 – Work with Influencers

Influencers are one of the best means of gaining more traction as a brand and letting more people know about yourself. 

Influencers can be found on social media, YouTube, and the internet, in general. They have a specific demographic of followers, and if you find someone perfect, even a simple shoutout from them can make more of a difference than you may expect.

Tip #4 – Organize Giveaways on Social Media

Having a presence on social media is a good thing for attracting more customers. But you can also leverage your channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or another similar platform by organizing contests and giveaways.

Most people free stuff even if they do not necessarily need it. But when an opportunity to enter is in front of them, and a fee is engaging with the post, it does not get simpler than that.

Content like giveaways and contests can go viral on social media and attract a lot of attention. And the more participants there are, the more people will know about your brand.

Tip #5 – Write a Blog

Blogging may not seem like something that can help with brand awareness, but it does a lot of work. Here are some benefits of writing a blog if you are looking to get yourself out there:

  • Well-written content boosts SEO rankings and brings more attention from people who are on Google and other search engines.
  • Interesting articles are another reason for people to visit your site.
  • A blog provides you with a chance to invite other bloggers to post on your site as well as give you an opportunity to look for guest posting opportunities.

Tip #6 – Send Freebies

Simple, complementary knick-knacks might not seem like they are worth the hassle, but people appreciate such small gestures. When you are looking for ways to award your most loyal customers or increase the odds of someone working together with you, never underestimate how much of a difference a small gift can make. 

Tip #7 – Host an Event

If you have the funds to host an event and invite as many people as you can, go for it, and make sure that the attendees know what kind of an event it is. 

Take a proactive approach and shake hands with everyone you can. Trade business cards, incentivize them to talk and reap all the benefits that hosting a live event has to offer. 

Tip #8 – Join a Podcast

A podcast is another excellent opportunity to let others find out about the brand. There are a lot of podcasts nowadays, and even if you are in a relatively narrow niche, you should still find a podcast relevant to your brand.

Podcast hosts are always looking for new and interesting people to talk to, so be sure to send them offers, and it should not take too long before you are speaking on a podcast.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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Bryan Miller is an entrepreneur and web tech enthusiast specializing in web design, development and digital marketing. Bryan is a recent graduate of the MBA program at the University of California, Irvine and continues to pursue tools and technologies to find success for clients across a varieties of industries.

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