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How to Make Money with Your WordPress Website in 48 Hours

Published October 7, 2019 by Bryan Miller

WordPress is a highly popular content management system that provides an individual or business with the ability to easily create their own website. Whether you want to develop a blog site or an eCommerce site, WordPress offers a wide variety of tools that will provide you with everything that you need to create any type of website. Even if you don’t have any knowledge or programming, this CMS allows you to manage practically every facet of your website. Once you’ve selected a host for your website, you can begin development by installing WordPress.

There are many reasons that you might want to use WordPress instead of other content management systems. For instance, WordPress is known for its simplicity. You can get your new website online with published content in a matter of hours, which allows you to make money quickly. The simplicity that WordPress provides also helps companies publish content with ease. Pages and posts can be created, formatted, and inserted into the website with just the click of a button. Some additional features that users and business owners enjoy include the ability to extend with plugins, easy theme installation, and numerous user management tools.

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When you’re thinking about creating a WordPress website and want to start bringing in money for your business, blogging is a great way to get money and bring traffic to your website. There are many different ways that you can make money with a WordPress website, all of which are easy to implement. The following is a close look at four methods that you can use to bolster revenues for your WordPress website.

Writing Content & Blogging

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Easily the most popular money-making strategies for a WordPress website are content creation and blogging, which can be done for any type of website. Even if you run an eCommerce site, content creation can be used to keep customers engaged even when they aren’t buying anything. All that’s needed is for you to create a section on your website that’s dedicated to blog posts and content creation.

The type of content that your company should be writing depends almost entirely on what type of company you’re running. If your company sells furniture, the blog posts that write could be dedicated towards interior design subjects like furniture-buying guides and interior design tips and techniques. The main goal when creating content on your website is to make sure that this content is geared towards your primary audience.

How Often Do I Write Content?

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While the rate at which you should post content to your WordPress website can vary somewhat, it’s important that you don’t drip-feed the content. Most websites have found that posting content once or twice per day garners the best returns. Posting content infrequently increases the risk that your customers will become disengaged and might leave your site for another. If you want to reach large audiences and grab their attention, you need to provide these audiences with content that they’re looking for. If you happen to have experience or expert knowledge about the subjects related to your business, this information can be very beneficial to your customers.

To understand just how effective content creation and blogging can be, these forms of marketing have been found to bring in at least three times as many leads when compared to traditional marketing, which allows you to make a significant sum of money. This marketing also costs over 60 percent less than traditional marketing techniques. After writing the content and posting updates to your blog, it’s essential that you market these posts.

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A great way to market content and blogs is by placing links to this content on your company’s social media profile, which should help you reach a wider audience. You can also send emails to your customers every time you post an update to your site. Likely the best way to publicize the content that you create is by using search engine optimization with every blog that you write. If all of the content that you place on your website has been optimized for search engines, you should be able to bring in more visitors to your site, which will increase the amount of money that you make.

Google AdSense

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Among the best marketing tools for WordPress websites is Google AdSense, which will help you automatically make money from the content on your website. Google AdSense is a CPC type of advertisement, which means you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad that’s located on your website. Higher quality traffic will result in more money per click. If a site visitor is browsing your homepage and clicks on an ad that’s been positioned at the top or sides of the screen, you will receive payment from this click.

How Do I Add Google AdSense to WordPress?

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In order add this marketing tool to your WordPress site, you’ll first need to create an AdSense account. Once your account has been created, navigate over to the “My Ads” tab, which will allow you to generate a new ad. You can then select an ad type, which could be text and display ads, in-article ads, or in-feed ads. You will have the ability to customize numerous aspects of the ad, which include the size, style, type, and colors of the ad.

Once you’ve progressed through the setup process, all you need to do is click on the save button, after which you’ll be provided with a simple code. This code can be added to WordPress by using the WordPress widgets tool. Most websites will place the ad on the sidebar of a page. Drag the “Custom HTML” widget over to the sidebar before pasting the Google AdSense code into the text box. All that’s left is to wait for the results.

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When using this form of marketing, the advertisers who are looking to promote their products on your website will determine how much money you receive per ad. Once you’ve created the ad space on your website, advertisers will bid for the space on your site. The highest bids will appear on your website. You can view the metrics and results from the ad spaces on your website via your Google AdSense account. Use different ad sizes in different areas of your website to make the most money. Keep in mind that the ads that appear on your website will be attuned to the interests of the user who is visiting your website.

Affiliate Marketing

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If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before, this particular marketing technique allows you to make money for your website by promoting other products from online retailers. You’ll receive commission from this external website for any sales or traffic that are generated from your referrals.

Keep in mind that there are numerous affiliate networks that you can join, the most popular of which include the Amazon Affiliate Program and the eBay Partner Network. These two networks will allow you to promote physical products. One example of affiliate marketing is using a WordPress blog to review new Amazon or eBay products.

While it’s possible to use affiliate marketing on social networks, the best methods for using affiliate marketing on a WordPress website include content marketing via your blog or digital ads on your site pages that come directly from your affiliate partners. This is a great way to make money for your WordPress website because a single affiliate link can generate a significant amount of money. Some of the best WordPress plugins that make affiliate marketing easier include Constant Contact and Adsanity. You should also install the Affiliate Manager Plugin to make it easier to manage all of your affiliate partners.

Amazon Affiliate Program

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The Amazon Affiliate Program is a free and easy-to-use affiliate program that allows you to market Amazon products on your website through links. When site visitors click on these links and purchase a product from Amazon, you will receive referral fees of up to 10 percent, which allows you to quickly make money with your WordPress site. You can choose the products that you want to advertise to customers.

Once you’ve created an Amazon Affiliate account, you can search for and select the product that you want to advertise on your WordPress site. You can choose to market this link as a digital banner or a text link on your site. When you choose a text-only link for your website, you can easily place the link in any written content on your site, which can include a blog post. If you choose an image-only link, make sure that you post the text in the Custom HTML widget on your WordPress site. Doing so allows the ad to be shown on the header, footer, or sidebar of your site.

eBay Partner Network

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The eBay Partner Network is very similar to the Amazon Affiliate Program in that you can advertise eBay products on your website. You can choose to advertise any product that you believe your audience will be interested in. The eBay website has over 1.2 billion listings, which means that your options are limitless. As with Amazon, you can choose to market the ad with a link that’s generated by eBay, which allows for text-only link advertising and image-only advertising.

The link that you’re provided with can be inserted into the content or custom HTML widget on your website. You could also use some EPN tools if you want to take your affiliate marketing to the next level and potentially earn even more money. These tools allow you to place item feeds on your WordPress site, use visual assets to market the product, build links, and and optimize the links for better earning potential. When using this affiliate program, you’ll get paid once per month. When a user clicks on a link and purchases a product from eBay, you will earn 50-70 percent of the revenues.

Guest Posting

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Guest posting is a great way to market your WordPress website on a more popular site, which could allow you to bring in customers who may not be familiar with your business or brand. If your blog is relatively new, writing a guest blog post on another website is a great way to bring traffic to your blog. In order for your guest posting to be effective, it’s important that you contact site owners who have a website or business that’s somewhat similar to yours. If you sell furniture, you might want to make a guest post for an interior design website.

Guest posting will help you increase brand awareness, which will bring more traffic to your website and increase site revenue. Another way that you can monetize your WordPress website through guest posting is by placing a link into your guest blog that directs back to the “about” page or “author bio” section on your website. People who read the blog post will likely travel to your website through this link.

Monetizing Your WordPress Website to Boost Success

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There are many different ways that you can monetize your WordPress website to bolster its success. From guest posting and affiliate marketing to content writing and Google Adsense, the tools at your disposal that can help you increase business revenues are practically limitless.

Content creation alone is among the easiest and most effective ways for a company to market their business and generate revenue!

Bryan Miller

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