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The Truth Behind Google-Guaranteed & Determining If It’s Right For Your Business

Published 2021-09-20T06:00:00 by Bryan Miller

Being able to effectively advertise your business and brand is a key component of success. When you’re creating marketing campaigns for your business, there are many different forms of advertising that you can take advantage of, one of which involves marketing with Local Services ads, which is a marketing tool available from Google for the Google search engine. A core feature of this tool is the Google Guaranteed program, which allows you to target various local businesses within the home service segment.

This specific feature was first introduced by Google in 2019 to bolster lead generation and make sure that customers receive great service delivery. What this service means is that Google will guarantee that the services you offer will be reputable. Buyers are insured for up to $2,000 if they find that they’re unhappy and would like to seek a refund. On your part, this service costs around $50 per month for verified business owners.

Google is by far the most used search engine, which is why this service has become increasingly popular since its introduction in 2019. By becoming a part of the Google Guaranteed program, you’ll essentially become accredited with Google, which customers will see when searching for a business like yours. Obtaining the Google Guaranteed certification should help you increase traffic, page views, sales, and revenues, which is why it’s highly recommended that you pursue this option.

This advertising program can help your business rise to the very top of relevant search results, which may be what you need to garner lasting success. When comparing this program to Google Ads, Google Guaranteed ads are usually displayed above standard PPC Google Ads. If you want to check your eligibility for this program, you can do so at this link.

You’ll be asked to enter the country, state, and zip code of your business as well as the job category that your business is in. The Google Guaranteed program is only available for certain industries. Eligible industries include everything from an appliance repair and carpet cleaning to pest control and tax services. This article offers a comprehensive look at Google Guaranteed, which should help you determine if this program is the right option for your business and brand.

Applying to Become a Google Guaranteed Business

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If you would like to become a Google Guaranteed business, you’ll need to apply, which involves several simple steps. To become eligible for this program, you should first apply to be a Google Trusted Business, which you can learn more about at this link. Google will then look at the details of your business to make sure that you’re eligible for this certification. As mentioned previously, only businesses from certain industries can become Google Guaranteed businesses.

If Google finds that your business is eligible, you can display the Google Guaranteed badge on your website. Keep in mind that you must also be a member of Google Ads if you want to take advantage of the Google Guaranteed program. Once you’ve submitted your application, it can take upwards of four weeks for the application to be verified. There are a number of reasons why you should consider using Google Guaranteed for your business. For one, being able to display the Google Guaranteed badge on your website should provide potential customers with more confidence in making purchases on your site.

This badge also shows customers that your company has gone through a relatively strict screening, which indicates that your company has integrity and a solid reputation. There are numerous criteria that you must meet if you want to become a Google Guaranteed business, which includes everything from a background check and insurance check to a license check and a screening of your current Google My Business ratings/reviews.

Criteria for Google-Guaranteed

The criteria that your company will need to meet to be eligible for the Google Guaranteed program include:

  • You will need to be a member of the Google Ads service if you want Google to start reviewing your application
  • Your Google Ads account must be equipped with a PPC advertising budget
  • Your website must be at least one year old
  • You must have used either Google Analytics or Google Ads for at least one year
  • Make sure that you comply with all of Google’s policies
  • Your conversion rates or click-through rates must be high

The Google Guaranteed program was designed by Google to make sure that customers had all of the information they required before going through with a transaction. Without this guarantee in place, users would be unable to differentiate between reputable companies and untrustworthy ones. With the Google Guaranteed badge in place, users are now able to identify the best and most trustworthy companies in the search results they receive.

Perks of Being Google Guaranteed

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There are many notable perks associated with being a Google Guaranteed business, the primary of which is that it provides you with another effective method for increasing your search rankings. This program also ensures that your business is viewed as being reputable by online customers. The Google Guaranteed badge isn’t easy to obtain, which is why users automatically view businesses that get through the verification process as being more reputable than ones that don’t have the badge.

In the event that a customer of yours makes a claim with Google that you didn’t provide good service, they are able to appeal to Google pertaining to this issue. Google will then conduct a short investigation of the matter to determine if you are at fault. If your business is responsible for the customer’s issue, they could be reimbursed by as much as $2,000.

Along with providing your business with a great reputation, the Google Guaranteed badge also makes potential customers more likely to purchase a service that you offer. By selecting your services, customers can be certain that any issue they might have can be taken up with Google. Keep in mind that Google handles millions of reimbursements on an annual basis. Once a customer files a claim online, Google will usually respond to the claim in six weeks or less. If you refer new customers to the program, you can receive $100 per customer.

Drawbacks of the Google Guaranteed Program

There are also a few drawbacks of using the Google Guaranteed program that you should be aware of. For instance, you’re only able to guarantee a single domain, which can be frustrating if you manage multiple businesses. If you ever add links that aren’t wholly relevant to the topic, your Google Guaranteed badge could be removed from your website. Another issue with this program is that your listing can only contain three-link variations.

As mentioned previously, your application won’t be answered immediately, which can be frustrating. You’ll likely need to wait for up to four weeks for your application to be approved. Unlike many Google tools, there are some costs associated with using the Google Guaranteed program, which you should take into account before sending in your application.

Even though this program works for numerous industries, it isn’t applicable to all. There are around 22 different industries that are currently supported by this program, all of which are service industries. If you provide water damage restoration services or roofing services, your company would likely be eligible for this program.

How to Know if Google Guaranteed is Right for Me

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If you’re wondering if Google Guaranteed is right for you and your business, there are several factors to consider. You’ll make sure that the $50 per month costs fall under your marketing budget and wouldn’t create issues with the other campaigns you’re currently supporting. Consider weighing the cost of maintaining this certification against the numerous benefits.

You should take a look at your competition as well. If you currently don’t have much competition in your area, Google Guaranteed may be unnecessary. On the other hand, this program could provide you with the visibility you need if your business has ample amounts of competition to contend with. If you’ve been performing a substantial sum of PPC marketing, using the Google Guaranteed program should help you reduce the amount of time you need to spend on creating bidding strategies and performing keyword research.

Before you apply for this program, keep in mind that you’ll want to monitor the program on a regular basis. You don’t have permanent eligibility when you first obtain a Google Guaranteed badge. If you want to keep the badge, you must maintain the standards that allowed Google to approve your initial application. Even though the costs associated with maintaining a Google Guaranteed badge are $50 per month or $600 per year, there are some additional costs that you should be aware of.

While Google Guaranteed is similar to pay-per-click, there is one notable difference. You will only pay for the leads you obtain. These leads can only be obtained when a customer connects with or calls your business to purchase a service you offer. The price per lead is usually around $25. If you notice one or more leads that aren’t wholly legitimate, you can dispute these leads with Google.

If you’re ready to get started with the Google Guaranteed program, all you need to do is make sure that your business insurance and business license are kept up to date. Your Google reviews should also be monitored to identify and correct any issues that are brought up by your customers. As long as you keep customers satisfied, you should be able to receive and maintain a Google Guaranteed badge.

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