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Boost Your Google Ads Performance: The Secret to Effective Callout Extensions

Published 2023-05-29T06:00:09 by Yuza Taddeo

In the competitive world of online advertising, capturing potential customers’ attention is crucial for any business’s success. Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, provides a powerful platform for companies to showcase their products and services to a vast audience. One effective tool that can significantly enhance the performance of Google Ads campaigns is Callout Extensions.

What Are Callout Extensions in Google Ads?

Callout Extensions are a valuable feature introduced by Google in December 2022 that allows advertisers to add descriptive text to their search ads. These extensions serve as an additional line of text below the main ad content, enabling businesses to highlight their unique selling points, key benefits, promotions, or relevant facts about their products or services. By leveraging Callout Extensions, advertisers can provide more context and information to potential customers, increasing the chances of attracting clicks and driving website traffic.

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The Benefits of Callout Extensions

Implementing Callout Extensions in your Google Ads campaigns offers several compelling benefits that make them a valuable addition to any advertising strategy:

Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Ad Visibility

Callout Extensions provide extra information that can entice search users to click on your ads. With enhanced ad visibility, your ads are more likely to stand out among competitors, resulting in higher CTRs and increased traffic to your website.

Highlighting Unique Selling Points and Offerings

By leveraging Callout Extensions, businesses can spotlight their distinctive product features, exclusive offers, or exceptional service offerings. These extensions allow you to emphasize what sets your brand apart, capturing the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to explore further.

Flexibility and Customization

Google offers various options for customizing your Callout Extensions. You can add them at different levels, such as the account, campaign, or ad group, allowing you to include generic or more specific information. Additionally, you can schedule Callouts to appear at particular times or on specific devices, tailoring your message to target audiences effectively.

No Additional Cost

One of the most attractive aspects of Callout Extensions is that they come at no extra cost. Advertisers can enhance their ads’ effectiveness and visibility without incurring additional expenses, making Callout Extensions a cost-effective strategy to improve ad performance.

Potential Improvement in Ad Placement and Ad Rank

Google’s algorithm considers various factors when determining ad placements. By incorporating Callout Extensions, your ad’s relevance, and quality can increase, potentially leading to a higher Ad Rank and improved ad placement on search engine results pages.

How Callout Extensions Work

Adding Callout Extensions to your Google Ads campaign is a straightforward process. It will appear in your ads once you create a Callout Extension through your Google Ads account. Each ad can contain up to 10 Callouts, although the number shown to users depends on factors such as the length of the Callouts, their performance, and the viewer’s browser and device.

The appearance of Callouts varies on different devices. Callouts are separated by dots on computers and appear on a single line, while on mobile devices and tablets, they wrap in paragraph form.

Customizing Callout Extensions is incredibly flexible. Advertisers can create Callouts at the account, campaign, or ad group levels. If you add a Callout at a more specific level, it overrides the Callouts at higher levels. Moreover, advertisers can turn off Callouts for specific ad groups, preventing them from appearing in ads regardless of the campaign level you created them on created.

Examples of Effective Callout Extensions

To better understand how to use Callout Extensions effectively, let’s explore some compelling examples:

“Free Shipping”: Highlighting a significant selling point like free shipping can entice potential customers to make a purchase, as it reduces their overall cost.

“Lifetime Warranty”: Showcasing a lifetime warranty for your products conveys trust and confidence, reassuring customers about the product’s durability and quality.

“Price Matching”: Offering price matching assures customers that they are getting the best deal, instilling confidence in their decision to choose your brand.

“24/7 Customer Support”: Emphasizing round-the-clock customer support signals your commitment to excellent service, attracting customers who value timely assistance.

“Financing Available”: Promoting flexible payment options can entice potential buyers with budget constraints, making it easier for them to convert.

“Award-Winning Service”: Displaying accolades or awards for exceptional customer service can enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.

“Free Quote in Minutes”: For service-based businesses, offering a quick and easy quote process can motivate users to engage with your company promptly.

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Tips for Creating Effective Callout Extensions

To maximize the impact of Callout Extensions, consider the following information:

Keep Your Text Short: Aim to make your Callouts as concise as possible, ideally within the 25-character limit. Think of them as impactful bullet points rather than lengthy sentences.

Be Specific: Add specific details to your Callouts to provide relevant information to users. For example, specify square footage for apartments rather than simply stating “large apartments.”

Use Account-Level and Granular Information: Utilize account-level Callouts to include general information that applies to your entire business. At lower levels, like campaigns and ad groups, focus on more granular details specific to certain products or services.

Follow Google’s Recommendations: Google recommends using Callout Extensions to promote unique offers and highlight individual aspects of your business. Stick to these guidelines for optimal results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Callout Extensions

To implement Callout Extensions effectively, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click “Ads & extensions” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on “Extensions” at the top of the page.
  4. Click the plus button.
  5. Select “Callout extension.”
  6. Choose the level to add the Callout from the “Add to” dropdown menu (Account, Campaign, or Ad Group).
  7. Enter the text for your Callout in the “Callout text” field.
  8. Choose your device preferences for the Callout under “Advanced options.”
  9. Click the “Save” button to complete the process.

Measuring and Analyzing Callout Extensions’ Performance

After implementing Callout Extensions, tracking and analyzing their performance is essential to gauge their effectiveness. Google Ads provides valuable metrics to measure the impact of Callouts on your ad campaigns. Pay close attention to click-through rates, conversion rates, and changes in ad placement to understand how Callout Extensions contribute to your campaign success. Regularly review performance data and make data-driven decisions to optimize and refine your Callouts for better results.


In conclusion, Google Ads Callout Extensions offer a powerful way to enhance the performance of your ad campaigns. By providing additional information about your unique selling points, key benefits, and promotions, Callout Extensions can attract more clicks and drive valuable traffic to your website. Take advantage of the flexibility and customization options to tailor your Callouts to specific audiences and devices. With no extra cost for adding Callout Extensions and the potential for improved ad placement, businesses can leverage this feature to achieve greater visibility and success in their Google Ads campaigns. Remember to follow Google’s recommendations and monitor performance metrics to continuously refine and optimize your Callout Extensions for the best possible results. Implementing effective Callout Extensions is a valuable step towards boosting your Google Ads performance and driving your business toward tremendous success in the digital landscape.

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