11 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress [2020]

Published 2019-10-28T06:00:01 by Bryan Miller

WordPress is one of the most robust website platforms in the world, due largely to the fact that it’s simple to use and maintain while offering incredibly robust features. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that provides you with all of the tools you need to get up and running quickly while offering the extendibility to create a more robust environment that matches the needs of modern web technologies. Through the use of various WordPress plugins, you can substantially expand the functionality of your website with a user interface that’s simple and easy-to-use, often without needing to mess with complicated code or hiring a developer to handle it for you.

By using these simple do-it-yourself Google Analytics plugins, you can monitor visitor traffic and acquisition, measure the total amount of visitor conversions to ascertain the performance of your marketing campaigns, view page performance, and analyze visitor activity as a means of improving the user experience of your website. With these plugins, many of these tasks can be accomplished directly from your WordPress dashboard without needing to access your Google Analytics account!

11. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration (100K+ installs, 3.0★)

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration is a fantastic WordPress plugin that can integrate well with your WooCommerce website. This plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and is able to link Google Analytics with WooCommerce, which may be beneficial for your eCommerce website. For instance, you could link a referral directly to a purchase and add the information of each transaction to Google Analytics.

Some of the top Google Analytics features that are supported by this WooCommerce integration plugin include enhanced event tracking for eCommerce stores and Universal Analytics. When you use this plugin, you will be able to anonymize IP addresses for certain countries, add event tracking for add-to-cart actions, and add eCommerce code to the “thank you” page that’s displayed once a customer makes a purchase. If you want to use and edit aspects of Google Analytics with your WordPress site, this is the plugin to install.

Download WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

10. WordPress Share Buttons, Related Posts, Google Analytics – Shareaholic (70,000 Installs, 4.2 stars)

WordPress Share Buttons, Related Posts, Google Analytics – Shareaholic

The WordPress Share Buttons, Related Posts, Google Analytics is a plugin by Shareaholic that’s designed to help website owners increase their traffic, gain insight into their customers, monetize site visitors, and market their content. This plugin effectively combines the features of a wide range of monetization, social, and content plugins into just one plugin, which means that your WordPress site won’t be bogged down by countless plugin installs. Even though this plugin does a significant number of things, it’s optimized to make sure that functionality only loads when necessary.

While the plugin includes an extensive amount of features for share buttons and related posts, it also provides many features for content analytics, all of which are free. You can view all of your Google Analytics data directly on your Shareaholic dashboard. If you have a blog that’s written by different authors, you can measure the individual performance of each author. You will have the ability to monitor page and social analytics by author, content, or custom tags. Since this specific plugin offers a wide range of additional features, it may provide your WordPress site with the functionality it needs.

Download WordPress Share Buttons, Related Posts, Google Analytics

9. Better Google Analytics (10,000 Installs, 4.1 stars)

Better Google Analytics

Better Google Analytics is a comprehensive plugin that allows you to quickly integrate Google Analytics code into your website for the tracking of almost everything that happens on your site. When you install this plugin, you can view reports, charts, tracking, events, and heat maps from your WordPress admin page as opposed to a separate Google Analytics page. You can even manage your actual Google Analytics account through your WordPress site. For instance, it’s possible to edit the Google Analytics goals that you’ve set from the WordPress admin area.

A/B experimentation is also made easy with Better Google Analytics, which will allow you to identify the marketing techniques that can be most effective in the future. The primary tracking features that are provided with this plugin include time-on-page, file downloads, ad clicks, user registration, user engagement, link attribution, and page-scroll percent. The more advanced features that they offer include a debugging mode, the ability to change the location of code from Google Analytics, and marketing campaign tracking by various parameters.

Download Better Google Analytics

8. WP Google Analytics Events (20,000 Installs, 4.6 stars)

WP Google Analytics Events

The WP Google Analytics Events plugin is a highly focused plugin for WordPress that gives you the ability to send events over to Google Analytics whenever various elements of the page are clicked on and when a user scrolls over to a specific area of interest on your website. All of this can be done without any extra coding. To get the most out of this plugin, you should first identify the aspects of your page and website that are most important for your business. If you have a pricing table on your page, you could create an event with Google Analytics whenever visitors scroll down the page and look at the pricing table. This action shows you that the site visitor is possibly interested in purchasing a product or service that you offer.

You can also think about tracking banner clicks and video play events to learn more about how visitors engage with your website. With this plugin, you’ll be able to set goals that are event-driven. Some of the additional benefits that you can obtain when using this plugin include the ability to track links and contact form submissions, the ability to compare performance of call-to-action buttons, and the ability to track in-page navigation throughout your website. If you want to know exactly how visitors use your website, this is the plugin for you.

Download WP Google Analytics Events

7. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce (30,000 Installs, 4.4 stars)

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce is an entirely free plugin that’s designed to provide WooCommerce stores on WordPress with the ability to get the most out of Google Analytics. For instance, this plugin makes it possible for you to track how users behave when browsing your store. By understanding the route the customer took from your home page to a sale page, you can improve your marketing techniques. There are four distinct reports that are supported by this plugin, which include the sales performance report, the checkout behavior report, the product performance report, and the shopping behavior report. You can even set your local currency with this plugin for ease-of-use.

When you download and install this plugin, you will be able to view product impressions, product click events, and add-to-cart events from numerous pages, which include the homepage, product page, and category page. Keep in mind that there are several features that aren’t exactly supported right out of the box, which include eCommerce pages with shortcodes, product types aside from the Simple Product, and highly customized stores. Aside from these small issues, this plugin is great at providing you with easy-to-view Google Analytics of your WooCommerce store.

Download Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

6. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify (50,000 Installs, 4.8 stars)

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress is a popular plugin that allows you to view the statistics that you receive from Google Analytics in a beautiful and easy-to-read manner. The main features that you’ll be provided with from this plugin include real-time stats, campaign stats, social media stats from numerous websites, top keywords, top countries, and top referrers. Underneath each of these data points will be a percentage change from a month prior, which will allow you to quickly determine how effective your marketing has been. You can even change the date parameters yourself to compare two separate tracking periods.

Two notable features of the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by Analytify include the ability to view Google Analytics by page and by post in your WordPress admin area, which can be very helpful when you’re trying to assess your marketing efforts. A complete Google Analytics dashboard is also included by Analytify to provide you with a streamlined presentation of the data. The installation process is also extremely easy because of the inclusion of a one-click authentication process. Some of the additional features that you can obtain with the premium version of this plugin include custom shortcodes and the provision of numerous add-ons like email notifications and a marketing campaign manager.

Download Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

5. Google Analytics by ShareThis [600k+ installs, 3.5★]

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin by ShareThis

Google Analytics by ShareThis is a tool that provides you with the ability to add the tracking code of Google Analytics to your website without having to go through the extra steps of modifying core website files to do so. All you need to do in order to gain access to the features provided by this plugin is to login to Google Analytics from your WordPress dashboard and select the website that you would like to link to it.

Once this plugin has been fully installed, you can see the reports that are provided to you by Google Analytics directly within your admin dashboard on WordPress. By using this plugin, you have the ability to remove an extra step and save time whenever you want to check how well (or otherwise) your website is doing.

One notable feature of this specific plugin is the inclusion of “Trending Content“, which is a useful feature that allows you to more easily identify the current trends that are occurring within your site traffic. This feature will show you content on your website which may be performing substantially better than the rest of your content, which should help you ascertain how to take this content and expand upon it to promote successful strategies to other pages of your website. This plugin is entirely free and entirely responsive, which means that it works properly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Download Google Analytics by ShareThis plugin for WordPress

4. Google Analyticator [300k+ installs, 3.5★]

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin by SumoMe

Google Analyticator is a popular WordPress plugin that comes equipped with a wide range of features that make it easier to view all of the metrics provided by the official Google Analytics tool. You might be happy to know that this plugin supports both versions of Google Analytics, which includes the new version that’s known as Universal Analytics. The widget provided by this plugin that you can install directly to your WordPress dashboard displays an in-depth graph that highlights metrics about the previous 30 days of site visitors. Another widget you can install with Google Analyticator provides you with the ability to place some of the Google Analytics information on the front-end of your website, which is the portion of your site that can be viewed by visitors to your website.

Many websites choose to forego placing this type of information in an area that can be seen by customers, but it can be beneficial towards highlighting the increasing popularity of your site. If you would like to make use of this feature, you can use shortcodes to show these statistics to the public. Some of the additional features you might want to know about include the ability to track download links, the ability to track all outbound links, and the ability to hide visits that you as the administrator take to the site, which allows you to avoid having these visits tracked by Google Analytics.

Download Google Analyticator plugin for WordPress

3. GA Google Analytics [100k+ installs, 5★]

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

GA Google Analytics is a highly rated plugin that enables the use of Google Analytics for the entirety of your WordPress website. All of the features offered by this plugin are designed with convenience in mind in order to provide you with a lightweight tool that takes minimal work to implement. The team behind this plugin has focused on ensuring that the performance when using this plugin to view your Google Analytics metrics is always fast and speedy, while the tool is also designed to stay current with your latest tracking code.

This tracking code can be placed in either the footer or header and is implemented onto all web pages within your WordPress site in order for you to have these metrics at your fingertips no matter what you’re doing on the website. With this plugin, you are also provided with the ability to customize your tracking code in any way you see fit. In general, this plugin is meant for a singular purpose but is designed to do this well in a non intrusive manner ensuring that the performance of your website does not suffer. If simplicity is what you’re after, using GA Google Analytics will allow you to view the metrics provided through Google Analytics without being bogged down by any unnecessary settings or bloated features.

Download GA Google Analytics plugin for WordPress

2. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights [1M+ installs, 4★]

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress by Monster Insights

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights is among the more comprehensive Google Analytics plugins available for WordPress, as it wants you to have the entire Google Analytics experience from the dashboard of your WordPress site without skimming or reducing the information that’s relayed to you. From your WordPress dashboard, you can view how visitors use your website and will be able to make any necessary changes without having to leave your website dashboard.

MonsterInsights offers two separate versions of this plugin, including a lite version that focuses on showing you the statistics that matter and a Pro plugin that places every Google Analytics features on your WordPress dashboard. Some of the GA features that are solely available through the Pro version of this plugin include eCommerce tracking, advertisement tracking, and events tracking.

Setup for this plugin is straightforward as it allows you to install through a simple point and click gesture without needing to input any code. All of the statistics provided to you through this plugin are relayed in real-time, which means that the metrics you see are fully up-to-date with those available through Google Analytics. The inclusion of a universal tracking feature also means that you can narrow your focus to how your site is found and used by a particular device, such as a smartphone or desktop computer. The page-level analytics feature assists you in identifying the most popular pages on your website, which should provide you with the information you require to make sure that your marketing efforts are as laser-focused as they should be. When you want the most extensive Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website, this MonsterInsights fully features plugin is the way to go.

Download Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress

1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) [1M+ installs, 4.5★]

Google Analytics for WordPress Dashboard Plugin

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GAWDP) is another comprehensive and well-rated plugin that you can use to view the information you receive from the Google Analytics tool. Using the most up-to-date tracking code via Google Analytics, you will be able to view the most important statistics on your WordPress dashboard.

The primary focus with this plugin is customization, as the goal of this plugin is for you you to be able to customize practically every facet of the tracking code, whether you want to tailor the code to focus on tracking outbound and affiliate links or would rather focus on tracking page scrolling depth and downloads. You can also set custom dimensions through this tool that allow you to track tags, user engagement, or authors.

While this plugin primarily shows you general Google Analytics statistics, it also provides you with the ability to view in-depth reports on each page or post within your website. Along with the inclusion of standard Google Analytics features such as cross domain tracking and enhanced link attribution, you’re also provided with several features that are oriented around user privacy, such as the anonymization of IP addresses, support for the opt-out of user tracking, and an option to follow all of the Do Not Track signals that are sent by browsers.

When you’re customizing the Google Analytics tracking code, you should be aware of the fact that a wide array of filters are available with each specific feature. For instance, when using the Accelerated Mobile Pages feature, you can track such elements as e-mails, telephones, hash marks, forms submitted, and additional data depending on your preferences.

Download Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) plugin for  WordPress

Installing the Best Google Analytics for Your Website

At the end of the day, these tools are primarily designed to provide you with the added convenience of having your website metrics displayed within your WordPress dashboard. If you want a more comprehensive representation of your traffic, you can always go directly to your Google Analytics account for a more in-depth analysis of traffic, acquisition, behavior, and more.

With this information at hand, you’ll have the ability to alter your marketing campaigns and website content to what your data tells you, which will help you bring in new customers and and increase conversions of your existing user base!

See more recommended WordPress plugins or add events and ticketing to your WordPress website with these plugins!

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