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An SEO Guide to Service Pages

Published 2023-01-02T06:00:00 by Yuza Taddeo

If you want to develop a structured website that provides potential and current customers with the exact type of content they’re looking for, the service pages you create will make or break your website. A common mistake that many businesses make involves listing out their services or products directly on their homepage without creating individual service pages.

Even though your site’s homepage is essential for providing visitors with the most important information about your company immediately after they arrive on your website, the people who are interested in making a purchase will want to learn more about the services you offer. If you don’t deliver this information in any area of your website, customers might feel like your business or brand isn’t legitimate.

While the main downside to listing your services is that potential customers won’t find the information they need, this method also results in poor search engine optimization, which can significantly lower your website’s visibility.

Search engine optimization is a technique that allows you to improve your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. With the right amount of optimization, your website and service pages might appear in the first three results for relevant searches, which are the ones that users click on more often than the rest.

The service pages you place on your website allow you to enter local information and increase optimization. In this SEO guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about service pages and their importance in website design.

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What is a Service Page?

A service page is a relatively short and simple page that details your company’s offerings. While some businesses will create a single service page where all of their offerings are detailed, it’s highly recommended that you separate your services into different pages.

By taking this approach, site visitors will be able to find the exact information they’re looking for with just one click. Along with defining the services you provide, these pages should also describe why your business is the best option to perform the service in question.

What Makes a Service Page Different From Product Pages?

While it’s typical for business owners to view product pages and service pages as the same thing, you should take a different approach when writing these pages. There’s one notable difference between products and services, which is that customers are unable to return a service once it’s provided. You should write service pages with this fact in mind.

Since services can’t be directly returned, potential customers may be more hesitant about making a purchase, which means that building trust is essential. For instance, many companies will write out a “satisfaction guaranteed” claim on their service pages to make visitors less hesitant about going through with the purchase. If something doesn’t go well during the service, customers are negatively impacted, which is why a service page should have a much different tone than a basic product page.

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Why Do You Need Service Pages on Your Website?

Service pages are integral to a website’s design for several reasons, the primary of which is that these pages provide users who are searching for the services you provide with a place they can go to obtain the information they require. Most users begin their search by looking for a specific service as opposed to a specific company. It’s only after they find the service they’re looking for that they will learn more about the company that provides the service.

When a user enters a relevant search query on Google, the query will most likely revolve around the services you provide. Creating service pages for relevant search results should help you appear towards the top of these results. Keep in mind that customers who search for businesses on Google and similar search engines have a much better chance of making a purchase from you. Around 88% of all local searches lead to a visit or call within 24 hours.

Why You Shouldn’t List Services on Your Homepage

There are many reasons why you should avoid listing services directly on your homepage, the primary of which is that Google looks at the structure of your website when assessing how your site should be ranked. While Google is crawling through your website, it will take the time to look at headers, links, and menus to determine what’s positioned on your website.

If you create different pages for the products and services you offer, this tells Google and other search engines that those pages are important website components. Keep in mind that many search engine users reach product and service pages before finding the site’s homepage.

How Do Service Pages Help With SEO?

Placing multiple service pages on your site should help you obtain better placements when potential customers perform a local search for any of the services you provide. If your website can be at the top of search results related to the services you offer, you should experience a notable uptick in site traffic.

Once you’ve created some service pages, you’ll be able to provide Google with pages that search engine users can navigate to instead of your homepage. If these individuals can immediately find the information they’re seeking, it’s more likely that they will contact you to schedule a service.

SEO can help your business grow

To Get Ideal Clients

The primary goal of creating a service-based business is to deliver services to people who need them. Keep in mind, however, that the people in your primary market won’t automatically search for your business when they want the type of service you offer.

They will instead enter information related to the services you currently provide. Until your brand name is strong enough to be at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of the services you offer, you should rely on service pages.

Making service pages allows you to be available to people who want to request these services. Even though you should provide users with comprehensive details about your primary services, make sure that every piece of information is relevant.

Gives Your Website Structure

Placing service pages on your website can help you identify the most important aspects of your website. It also provides your site with the structure it needs to start ranking well with Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Improve Your Website Ranking

Service pages can also help you improve your website’s ranking. The main goal of a service page is to highlight your services and provide some basic information about the unique value proposition that your company offers. This information should push visitors to hire your company, which will boost conversion rates.

As mentioned previously, there are times when visitors from search engines will reach your service page before they land on your homepage, which is why they should be given all of the information they need before navigating any further.

What Should a Service Area Page Contain?

Most users will look for services in a location that’s close to where they live or work, which is why you should make sure that your service pages contain relevant location details that will help you boost visibility among local residents.

What is Local SEO and how is it different?

Attractive Visual Elements

All of your service pages should consist of attractive visual elements that help to segment each page and encourage users to go forward with a purchase. In fact, calls-to-action should be placed on all service pages.

If you’re working to improve your website’s aesthetics, you should input some images and other visual components. If a service page is poorly designed and lacks the sophistication of the rest of your website, potential clients may become discouraged and end up leaving your website.

Local Service Areas

In the event that you offer services in multiple towns or cities, you should include a service page for each individual location. Consider creating a list of all areas that you provide services in. Your main focus should be on the areas with the most potential customers.

Unique Content

Having unique content on your service pages is also highly recommended if you want users to be engaged enough to schedule the service or an initial consultation. Along with having correct grammar, every service page should be original and authentic.

Customers should also be told the benefits that come with the service they select. You should try to avoid placing the same content on two separate service area pages. Google and other search engines don’t accept these duplicates. If you deliver duplicate content, Google could penalize you, which would likely result in your website and service pages dropping in rankings.

Statistics or Areas of Success

Make sure that you provide visitors who enter your service pages with statistics about the work you’ve done as well as information about the success that your business has had in the past.

Service pages provide website owners with the opportunity to improve their search engine optimization, gain more visibility, and build a more structured website. Make sure that every service page you write consists of unique content that can only be found on that page.

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