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Project Overview

We sculpted VB Beaute’s Shopify presence into a powerful e-commerce force with custom features, seamless integrations, and a commitment to ongoing growth that ensures their immediate success in the competitive online landscape.

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We initiated our partnership with meticulous planning, focusing on website content and architecture. We strategized Shopify app integration to achieve their e-commerce goals, offering expert tech stack, app consulting, and in-depth feature planning to optimize the user experience.


We crafted a custom Shopify theme that perfectly encapsulated VB Beaute’s brand identity with creativity and functionality in mind. We designed custom and product-selling features to enhance user engagement and drive conversions.


The development phase saw the creation of a custom Shopify theme, complete with custom fields for efficient content management. We went further by building a custom product quiz that defined user audiences, enabling targeted marketing efforts. Our expertise extended to seamless third-party application integration and support. Subscription purchase features were seamlessly integrated with ReCharge, streamlining the customer experience. We also implemented custom catalog search and filter features, enhanced navigation, and integrated bundling features with the native Shopify checkout.


Our commitment to VB Beaute stayed strong after the launch. We undertook post-launch technical optimization and SEO to ensure maximum visibility. We created social profiles and registered the business with online directories, bolstering their online presence. We implemented dynamic inputs to empower VB Beaute to continue growing beyond the launch. We designed a custom blog design to facilitate content creation and drive inbound traffic and sales. With our comprehensive approach, VB Beaute can prepare for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape shortly after launching their company.

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